Could your DMS be the source of a security breach?

No matter what industry you work in, you’ve likely noticed that unstructured data can be problematic. IDC reports that unstructured content accounts for 90 percent of all digital information, and it exists in various formats, applications and locations within an organization’s storage system. With its spread-out nature and overall abundance, this data can be hard […]

Gartner’s take on hyperconvergence: Simplify the midmarket data center

Every IT leader feels the pressure to reduce data center costs. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than for IT professionals managing infrastructure for midmarket businesses, especially for those managing multiple virtualization initiatives. Midmarket IT shops usually consist of a few staffers, or perhaps a solo IT professional entrusted with managing the performance of the […]

Government IT, InfoSec and privacy pros share their biggest security fears

Over the last year, we’ve noticed a shift in the conversations we have about data security. People are relying less on scare tactics and shock value when they want to start a conversation; instead, they’re sparking informed discussions about specific issues plaguing the security industry, and interested in strategies that will help overcome risks. We’re […]

Is your healthcare data vulnerable to cyberattack?

In the first half of 2015, 21.1 percent of all data breaches were rooted in the healthcare industry, as reported recently by Health Data Management. The most severe breach of this group was the identity theft attack on Anthem Insurance, which exposed 78.8 million records and affected multiple healthcare providers and insurance plans. These incidents […]

Top 10 things an IT professional dislikes about storage

I did it for years: going into the lab and server room each day to maintain and troubleshoot servers. I stacked servers in racks, managed backups and recovered files. I also got my fair share (actually too many to remember) of calls in the middle of the night when systems went down or worse. The […]

5 Takeaways from the ESG 2015 IT Spending Intentions Survey

In early 2015, ESG researchers conducted a survey of 601 IT professionals from midmarket and enterprise-class organizations to determine how planned IT spending for the coming year reflected business priorities. The analysts, Bill Lundell and Jon Oltsik, also evaluated which technology segments were likely to sustain investments throughout the year, which factors are most important […]

DataGravity CTO David Siles to discuss how storage, security overlap at SNIA DSS Summit

More and more, the lines between data storage and data security are blurring. An IT director tasked with managing his company’s enterprise IT resources may find himself, in the aftermath of a data breach, answering to the C-level team about whether he could have helped prevent the event. Meanwhile, a security manager may find that […]

What a difference a year makes

I just completed digging out after recently attending VMWorld 2015. This was my second VMWorld with DataGravity and what a difference a year makes. Here are some of my thoughts on last year’s event, the 12 months in between and what DataGravity experienced this year at VMworld. Recapping Our Coming Out Party: It’s been said […]

How legal tech pros manage security risks, unstructured data growth

As an organization grows, the amount of data for which it’s responsible expands at a rapid pace. It’s no secret that managing this information can hinder productivity and stunt internal collaboration. However, companies are also increasingly subjected to data security, governance and compliance risks as a result of data growth, and many of those risks […]

Moving data from a dimly lit storage room to an intelligent data-aware warehouse

Imagine you’re the manager of a massive, dimly lit warehouse; its contents have fallen from their shelves and are strewn across the floor. The warehouse has no real inventory management system, making the tracking of content, deliveries and shipments almost impossible. Now, imagine your warehouse has been broken into and your boss, chief financial officer […]