Not All Data Storage Is Created Equal

In the past few months, I’ve had the great opportunity to meet with IT pros from various backgrounds and career histories to talk about what they love, hate or need to improve about their storage environments. A few things have become apparent during these conversations. For one, the idea that not all data is created […]

The Key to Creating Valuable Channel Partnerships in Storage

Relationships are important; we wouldn’t celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day if they weren’t. Having the ability to communicate effectively and listen well ultimately creates a solid bedrock for functional and rewarding relationships. These basic facts about creating human connections extend to the creation of meaningful business relationships, as well, particularly between channel partners and […]

Not Being Data-Aware Can Be A Nightmare

Once upon a time (not so long ago), IT professionals viewed storage as a necessary expense instead of a strategic investment. This led to problems for IT managers, because end users kept creating and storing data that could not be intelligently analyzed, managed or leveraged for business value. These data piles grew, and grew, and […]

Driving Our Team With VMware vExpertise

IT has been subject to serious changes over the last year. From IT admins assuming new data protection and governance responsibilities, to data-aware technology changing the status quo of a stagnant industry, DataGravity is preparing for any curveball 2015 might throw us. One thing we’re grateful for is the industry expertise of our team. And […]

Data Theft

Recently, another huge data breach occurred as Anthem Healthcare had over 80 million customer records compromised. Estimates are this breach is going to cost Anthem upwards of $100 million to rectify. And offering credit and identity theft monitoring, while helpful, won’t mean the experience will be painless for the people impacted if their identity is […]

A Special Role Committed to Continued Innovation

DataGravity is changing what channel partners and customers expect from storage. Data-aware storage from DataGravity delivers world-class storage and data management; governance; data protection and recovery; and search/discovery all in one array. With all these capabilities, we can help those charged with managing storage by providing unprecedented visibility, protection and control of NAS shares, VMs […]

Why Shouldn’t IT Settle for Limited Visibility Into Their VM Storage?

The modern data center has heavily invested in hosting, developing and managing virtual workloads, making the necessity for data-aware virtual machine storage greater than ever. In organizations where data is distributed across virtualized infrastructure and in thousands of VMs, fostering proactive, real-time security and compliance processes can be complex. To combat external and internal threats, […]

VMware Partner Exchange Still the Place to Be to Take Advantage of Innovation in VMs

VMware’s annual partner event, Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015 took place in San Francisco last week. VMware bills PEX as the ultimate meeting place “for anyone in the VMware partner ecosystem looking to use our solutions and services to unlock the innovation in their teams.” DataGravity was well represented, and most of our team was happy […]

At Winter Warmer VTUG, a Focus on Data-Secure Storage

As I write my first post since joining DataGravity, Nashua, New Hampshire, where the company is headquartered, just finished cleaning up from the Blizzard of 2015 and a significant storm a week later. New England winters can’t slow down a hot industry, though, which I saw firsthand when I attended the 9th annual Winter Warmer […]

Why End Users Hoard And How Data-Aware Storage Can Help

Are you a hoarder? Do you work with hoarders? If you lead IT efforts for a knowledge-driven company (which describes most businesses in most industries), then you’re likely dealing with some level of data hoarding. Your line-of-business colleagues store everything they create and use. While some of that is important for governance and compliance purposes, […]