Security and Compliance Are Everyone’s Business

Imagine you’re a storage administrator in an all-hands meeting, and your executive team wants to discuss the company’s vulnerability to data security breaches. What do you do? Tense up. You may be asked to provide solutions to problems you aren’t prepared to tackle. Listen and feel engaged. You’re knowledgeable about the topic and can contribute […]

Why dormant data is a bigger risk than it seems

Fifty percent of the data your company stores probably lacks business, legal and regulatory value. Worse, the total number of an average company’s unstructured data is growing at 60 to 80 percent per year. This data introduces costs and security risks to your IT environment, eats up space in your primary storage and prevents you […]

DataGravity to make MIT Sloan CIO Symposium data-aware

If you’re in the Boston area and part of the local startup scene, the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium is worth checking out. The event is a chance to approach enterprise IT from an academic perspective. Every year, IT leaders, academics and other business executives participate in the symposium, which provides sessions, insights and inspiration for […]

The Shows (Must) Go On

If it’s May, there must be a zillion (maybe a slight exaggeration) technology events.  I had the opportunity to attend a couple recently and thought I’d pull my best Jack Kerouac and summarize my adventures on the road. I started last week at TechCrunch’s Disrupt event held in New York City. The format of the main event […]

How to visualize the value of your data

The quickest way to add value to user experience in technology, whether you’re talking about the latest app on your phone or your data-aware storage dashboard, is to up the ante on visuals. Seeing data laid out in a way that adds context and relevance makes it easier to organize, manage and protect. By contrast, […]

4 Ways IT Teams and CIOs Can Improve the Security Status Quo

Few conversations are more stressful for IT pros and CIOs than the ones immediately following a data breach. The unauthorized exposure of customer or employee personally identifiable information (PII) or intellectual property/trade secrets is a worst-case scenario for most companies, so it’s only natural that proactive data protection is a priority. As the recent RSA […]

Is Your Storage Game?

I appreciate a good sports metaphor. As a soccer fan first and foremost it’s hard drawing analogies to my favorite sport that are easily understood and appreciated across the U.S.. Luckily, I’m also a Red Sox fan, and baseball analogies are far more relatable for the majority of those I talk to here. For example, […]

Four tips from Wikibon to help manage unstructured data

Is unstructured data pulling its weight at your company? For many organizations, the answer is no. They make the mistake of filing and forgetting this business asset, even creating programs and expanding budget just to get it out of their collective hair without stopping to extract its value. And still, unstructured data can eat up […]

Why your security system is broken: Takeaways from the RSA Conference

Last week, the themes, keynotes and messages at the 2015 RSA Conference confirmed something we’ve known for a long time: security is broken, and it needs to change. Rising inbound threats and shifting industry expectations are pulling new people and teams into these conversations, and while the general consensus is that improved risk mitigation is […]

Inverting the Data Security Conversation

The topic of data security is pervasive in nearly all technology conversations of late. Seemingly every other news article you read nowadays is about a data breach. Anthem Healthcare, Home Depot, Sony: the list goes on. The new reality is not “if” an organization will experience a data breach, but “when.” Many data security experts […]