Simplifying data management, compliance and governance at ILTACON 2015

Let me know if this situation sounds familiar: in an attempt to decrease security risks in your IT environment, you set guidelines for employees that prevent them from downloading unauthorized apps. You know that this kind of software can tap into private data, like contact lists and intellectual property, and that when employees share files, […]

How you know if data-aware storage is right for your team

At the core of becoming data-aware, there’s a simple premise – you deserve to know what’s in your data. If you own a house, you’re not sitting across the street staring through its windows with binoculars; you’re living and breathing within its four walls. Becoming data-aware is about making that house your home, taking inventory […]

Real-World Lessons From Data-Aware Storage

With the end of summer and the opening of school just around the corner, I think it’s good to revisit lessons from the past.  One such series of lessons came earlier this summer when I had the opportunity to present a webinar alongside Mark Lamson, the IT Director of Westerly Public Schools of Westerly, Rhode […]

3 Ways to stand out as a channel pro

Storage is a crowded market. Recent years have seen major developments in enterprise IT, and storage platforms have been associated with much of the noise and announcements in the industry. However, despite new players and platforms entering the scene, one common thread has run between the majority of vendors and products in today’s storage space. […]

3 Reasons we’re looking forward to ILTACON 2015

For many people, summer months are packed with barbecues, beach visits and any excuse they can find to get outside. The DataGravity headquarters has seen no shortage of these activities, but the summer season also has another meaning for us. August brings with it two of the biggest events of our year – VMworld in […]

What to expect at VMworld 2015

Time flies when you’re redefining an industry. Some days, it seems like VMworld 2014 just wrapped and our first shipments of the Discovery Series recently went out to customers; other days, I look back on the past year’s activities and can’t believe they’ve taken place within 12 months. With the DataGravity Discovery Series V2 now […]

The new standard in sensitive data management [SLIDESHARE]

How do you measure the value of your IT system? Traditionally, most organizations quantified IT service availability in order to answer this question. High-performance systems that can boast “five nines,” or 99.999 percent availability, are recognized in the industry for their value and ability to deliver less than six minutes of downtime per year to […]

4 Ways to freeze CryptoLocker with data-aware storage

If your data were stolen and held for ransom, would you ask for help – or admit the theft at all? There’s no easy answer in this kind of situation, and that’s exactly the power of a CryptoLocker attack. The virus is a form of ransomware that installs itself on victims’ computers and prevents them […]

5 Security and risk management tips from Gartner

For a long time, data security has been a reactionary affair. IT teams would implement some software or protocols designed to keep everyone out, but, for the most part, the heavy lifting in security didn’t come until something bad happened. Now, the consequences of any data breach have been magnified by the amount of sensitive […]

Storage Just Took a Self Defense Class

While the rest of the IT infrastructure is moving to a zero trust model, traditional storage has not taken up the challenge to defend itself. The next frontier of data security is taking place at the point of storage. Storage is the most vulnerable and yet, once all the other defenses have been breached, the […]