Scary Storage Stories: Tales From the (Server) Crypt

Sometimes, it makes sense to fear the unknown. Companies store data, forget it and practically leave it for dead – never realizing that it may one day come back to haunt them. We’ve seen nightmares like unexpected data loss, compromised privacy and the secrets that lie awake in dark data become realities. Luckily, data-aware storage […]

Five Questions to Proactively Identify Data Risk

Maintaining security and privacy of data has always been part of the IT operations landscape, but recent events in the news have brought these elements into focus for many organizations. In our conversations with customers, the company’s prior and current levels of privacy and governance are almost always a major part of the discussion. Although […]

Showing the DataGravity Difference and Opening Eyes at VMUG – Now Trending

As we’ve watched various aspects of the Discovery Series resonate with attendees at VMware user group events (VMUGs) this fall, I’ve really enjoyed showing trends in our concluding demonstration.  In one of my past professional lives, I spent many years working for a leading retailer as a storage administrator and IT manager.  There, I saw […]

How To Tell If Storage Is Primary Or Data-Aware

Ironically, in conversations about the four pillars of data-aware storage, storage is the element most likely to be ignored or glossed over. This is largely due to the fact that state-of-the-art primary storage capabilities are a necessity for enterprises. A few common factors define an attractive primary storage array, which DataGravity embodies: Architecture: The Discovery Series […]

Gartner Highlights DataGravity in File Analysis Software Report

Last month, Gartner released its “Market Guide for File Analysis Software.” It provides a good overview at an important emerging technology segment of the broader information management domain. Gartner coined the term file analysis (FA) to denote tools that “analyze, index, search, track and report on file metadata and, in some cases, file content, enabling […]

How IT Can Drive Business: New Expectations for Smart Storage

Much has been written about the new role for IT in data-driven businesses. No longer purely responsible for keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently, IT today plays an increasingly critical role in connecting what are arguably the two most important assets in a business: people and data. The risks and the rewards of proper information […]

Q&A: (Almost) Everything You Want to Know About the DataGravity Discovery Series

It’s been one heck of an awesome ride coming out of stealth, winning the Best of VMworld award and shipping our first units to customers. As this is my first contribution to the blog, I feel an introduction is in order as you may be asking, “Who’s this Will guy?” My role here at DataGravity […]

Feeding My Inner Nerd…

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the HackMIT event.  I’d like to say it was as a team member, but those days are behind me (at least for now). I did however, have the unexpected honor of being able to assist in the selection of the final winners.  The range of applications that […]

Showing the DataGravity Difference and Opening Eyes at VMUG – Part 2

In my first post in this series, I wrote about how audiences at the recent VMware user group events (VMUGs) are really embracing the DataGravity difference and recognizing how data-aware storage can help unlock the value of their data. Many organizations suffer from a “corporate hoarders” mentality, which has led to some worrisome trends for […]

Data-Aware Storage: One Pillar At a Time

In my last blog, I touched on the concept of data-aware storage. Today, I thought I would break this down into a few of its component parts: what we often refer to as the four pillars of data-aware storage, or perhaps more appropriately, the four technology pillars. These represent four key technologies that we’ve merged […]