How Data-Aware Storage Improves Locality Issues

Data can be stored in many locations in a small-to-medium-sized business’ storage environment. Between local disk storage, layered apps, mobile devices, enterprise storage systems and the cloud, it can be a full time job for a storage admin to maintain visibility over storage locality, much less ensure that security and compliance concerns are being addressed […]

How to Bring Data Awareness to Your VMs

Virtualization has become a mature platform with a mature ecosystem, and we now see it in every modern data center. With so many businesses heavily investing in hosting, developing and managing virtual workloads, there has also been an escalating difficulty in managing all the data in those virtual machines. More VMs = bigger data challenges […]

The Gartner Data Center Conference – A Market in Transition

Two weeks ago I attended the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. Amidst all the glitter and lights of Las Vegas, some clear messages came through at this annual gathering of IT leaders. IT data center, infrastructure and operations is a broad market ripe for innovation based on rapidly changing market forces and legacy […]

Using Data-Aware Storage to Enhance VMware Environments

There’s a reason the majority of IT shops run on VMware – its rich suite of tools allows IT pros to manage complex server, cloud and virtual environments with ease. DataGravity developed the DataGravity Discovery Series in careful alignment with VMware technologies with the goal of supporting integration, education and innovation for all of our […]

Data-aware Storage is the Force that Defeats the Dark (Data) Side

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you know the great struggle between darkness and light is coming back to the big screen. “There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it,” the movie trailer asks. “The dark side. And the light.” In those few, choppy sentences, the George Lucas promotional machine shows that we are, […]

$50 Million C Round Led by Accel Partners: What does it really mean?

First, the facts: today, DataGravity announced that we raised $50 million in additional operating capital. The round was led by Accel Partners, with our existing investors, General Catalyst, CRV and Andreessen Horowitz participating in the round, as well. Ping Li of Accel Partners will join our already world-class board of directors. Ping adds a wealth […]

Better Data Governance Through Better Storage is Possible

It seems every few weeks, a new high profile press story appears, highlighting another company whose data stores have been breached.  This string of breaches emphasizes the increased importance of good data governance.  So it only makes sense to focus a bit on the topic of data governance as part of my series of blogs […]

What Data Management Means in a Data-Driven World

The modern IT job comes with lots of data challenges. You’re tasked with not only providing data storage, but also ensuring that the data your colleagues generate is secure and there is plenty of capacity to contain it. You also need to worry about data availability, protection and retrieval. You’re also likely accountable for complying […]

DataGravity Intellectual Property Innovates Storage

DataGravity was recently granted its first patent for our “System and Method of Data Intelligent Storage.” I smiled when I saw that the patent was granted for a few reasons: The patent granting happened really fast – at least in the world of patents – less than two years after we filed the application. The […]

DataGravity Gives Thanks For a Year of Abundance

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of the holidays and forget what they’re actually about. As Thanksgiving approaches, for example, most of us are busy trying to hit our 2014 professional goals before the year winds down, while also pursuing all of the personal goals we have for the next few weeks, […]