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Data-aware storage and virtualization make a winning team. From its first iterations, the DataGravity Engine was built to support the growth of our customers’ virtualized environments and draw insights from virtual machines (VMs), through management, data protection and careful analysis applied individually to every VM in an IT environment. After all, improper management of issues […]

DataGravity Continues to Build Team, Momentum

The storage landscape is changing, and we’ve spurred that rapid evolution in the months since the release of the DataGravity Discovery Series. As we scale DataGravity to help more customers shift their focus from speeds and feeds to real data intelligence, we’re building a team that can support that widespread effort. Recently, David Siles, formerly […]

How Intelligent Storage Makes the Admin Life Simpler

We once carried a camera, a map, a flashlight, a notepad, a pen and a pager on our person at all times. Now, all that technology has been condensed into an intelligent device called a smartphone. This simplification has made our lives easier, so much so that the current generation barely has an idea of […]

The Possible Risks and Probable Rewards of Dark Data

Gartner Research came up with the term “Dark Data” a few years back, defining it as “information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes (for example, analytics, business relationships and direct monetizing).”  The definition goes on to make things even more complex noting “Similar […]

Merging Board Room Visions With Storage Innovation

IT pros are experiencing a unique turning point in the industry; with an expanding climate of innovation among storage, data insights, virtualization and security, back-end technology and business leadership have become closely entwined. To adapt to this shift, IT administrators must avoid getting caught up in the technical needs of their data center environments and […]

Wearing Many Hats the New Norm for IT Pros

Everyone today is being asked to do more with less: less budget, less time and less support.  IT Pros are not immune to this do more with less mentality.  No longer are you simply maintaining storage or troubleshooting the network when things go sour. As every business becomes an information business, the IT role is […]

DataGravity: 2014 Year in Review

With the launch of the industry’s first data-aware storage platform, the honor of being named Best in Show at VMworld, the growth of the team, and other milestones, 2014 was a banner year for DataGravity. We began helping customers shine a light into the dark corners of their data storage, and in doing so, we […]

How Data-Aware Storage Founded an Industry on Intelligence

It’s an odd concept to think of storage as an ignorant asset, but it’s not a foreign one. Although storage is the heart of any data center, giving data a place to rest and connecting the ecosystem’s disparate elements, for many years the industry saw it as an otherwise empty vessel – mistakenly thinking that […]

How to Transform Tedious Data Reports Into Accessible, Useful Intelligence

Wanted: Highly educated, experienced and proactive professional with the ambition and skill set to move our business forward. Will be tasked with incredibly mundane, tedious reporting responsibilities that will make you question your career choices… Nobody would answer a job posting like this – not a data center professional, not an IT technician, not a […]

Making Snapshots Smarter – Why the DiscoveryPoint Makes Sense

What does a DiscoveryPoint™ offer that snapshots don’t? DataGravity believes snapshots are vital, valuable tools for IT pros everywhere. What we’ve done with our DiscoveryPoint is take what is great about snapshots – the core functionality that allows IT pros to schedule them at regular intervals and use them to restore and protect data – […]