How to seed and grow your data-aware ecosystem

Scare tactics are old news in the security industry. Traditionally, security vendors relied on “fear and loathing,” as ESG analysts Tony Prigmore, Scott Sinclair and Steve Duplessie recently described in a conversation with our team, to shock their prospective customers into increasing protection for their IT environments. Today, our “breach of the week” news culture […]

SlideShare: Staying ahead of the data-awareness curve

Curveballs, in baseball, are notoriously hard to hit. You need to identify one as soon as it’s released from the pitcher’s hand—otherwise you’re almost certain to strike out. Staying ahead of the curve in the storage industry has similar benefits; by remaining up to date on news, best practices and technology, you stay competitive against […]

CRN names DataGravity a 2015 Emerging Vendor

DataGravity wouldn’t exist without our channel. When we first started mapping out concepts for the DataGravity Discovery Series, and the enhanced user experience, data security, discovery and productivity that it could deliver to our customers, we knew we’d move forward with a 100 percent channel model. We were selective about the partners we worked with […]

3 Tips for using your CTO hat collection to improve data security

“We all get the chance to wear a lot of hats on this team.” How many times have you heard this from a startup? As silly as the phrase can sound when taken out of context, it’s true that startup team members do whatever it takes to get the job done. Examine most IT teams […]

Why the Harvard data breach deserves your attention

On June 19, Harvard University announced it had detected an intrusion among its private networks. The IT systems in question impact eight colleges and administrations within the university community, and the school urged users to change their passwords. The security team doesn’t believe personal data, research data, emails or PIN numbers were exposed. However, if […]

Getting #DataAware at #VFD5

The first time DataGravity participated in Tech Field Day, we were in the midst of VMworld 2014, on the heels of launching the DataGravity Discovery Series and on the verge of taking home the Best of VMworld Award. The panel of industry-leading analysts, bloggers and vExperts included some of our favorite social influencers. As we […]

The Fatal Data Security Mistake Every Company Makes

Picture this. You’re a thief, and you’ve been planning your moves for your next heist. Your target isn’t a bank or high-security compound; you’re aiming for a private home with residents who aren’t expecting to be robbed. After all, an everyday family is likely not thinking twice about heavily securing their valuable possessions when they […]

Virtualization Field Day 5 – DataGravity – Recap

On Thursday, June 25, the DataGravity team had the honor of hosting 11 delegates for Virtualization Field Day 5 at the DataGravity corporate offices in Nashua, NH. If you missed the live stream, you can catch the video replay here. During our two-hour session we had the distinct pleasure of showing the delegates and those […]

Pervasive security, resilience themes lead Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

More than any other, one concept was prominent at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit: resilience. Just as the recent RSA Conference focused on the security industry’s collective need to change, participants at the Gartner Summit shared keynotes, workshops and conversations about why IT and security professionals are focused standing up to the industry’s […]