With 100-percent channel focus, DataGravity announces Partner Network

No one knows better than the channel how badly midmarket companies want intelligence from their data. The technology resellers who position themselves as strategic partners to their customers hear it often: companies are generating more unstructured data than ever, and that data could be so valuable – if only businesses could unlock its value. Last […]

VMworld Opening Promises Exciting Week Ahead

VMworld officially opened this morning, and it’s already apparent that the thousands of people heading to the Moscone Center have their energy up for the week ahead. Before we all focus on four days of learning, networking and celebrating the best of what this industry has to offer, we wanted to share some highlights for […]

Sometimes the Obvious is Revolutionary

At EqualLogic, we were always surprised that storage automation was considered revolutionary. We thought that the idea was obvious, and that it was just a matter of changing the storage hardware and software architecture to make this happen. This was back in 2001, and by 2010, storage automation was expected. The big innovation of EqualLogic […]

This Is How Big the Big Data Challenge Is

It can be difficult to get your mind around the size of a nearly infinite challenge. When we talk about big data – and everybody’s been talking about how to manage and leverage it for years now – what are we inferring? We know that user-generated and transactional data is growing by the minute, and […]

Your Computer Can’t Read Sarcasm, and Other Unstructured Data Challenges

Many IT specialties developed around the opportunities and challenges of structured data. For decades, companies have dealt with discrete transactional data like credit card activity, telecom records, financial statements and application information with the help of their storage and virtualization specialists, and their database and application administrators. All of those specialists and the tools they’ve […]