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4 Ways to fix data management in education [SLIDESHARE]

Universities and schools support their students, teachers and communities the same way an enterprise supports its customers and employees. The only difference? IT resources in academic organizations are often far more restricted than those available to businesses. In order to protect end users from security risks, monitor budgets and provide a great user experience, IT […]

Should you pay the CryptoLocker ransom?

Every day, companies fall victim to ransomware viruses like CryptoLocker or Cryptowall that lock your data and hold it hostage. No matter your industry or company size, this assault can debilitate your business. Without proper protections and visibility, you could be left with few options for confronting your attackers – and you might be forced […]

Confessions of a Reformed Data Security Phobe

A Data Security Phobe is someone who has an irrational fear of data security. If you Google this I suspect you won’t find it because I made it up. But as I talk to IT folks around the country, I am convinced this is a real condition that must be addressed.  I also realized, embarrassingly […]

Paula Long to speak at Structure 2015

One thing is clear when you consider technology’s future: tomorrow’s data center is data-driven. This theme is present in the conversations we have every day with our customers, as they look for data patterns and insights that can reduce security risks and improve bottom lines. It’s also a key focus of the Structure 2015 conference, […]

3 Unstructured data misconceptions every IT pro should avoid

Every organization struggles under the weight of unstructured data. It fills up data stores, racking up storage prices, creating management issues and obscuring valuable insights and sensitive data. If you’re not careful, it can accumulate quickly and become too unwieldy – taking minor IT hiccups and turning them into major pain points. One way to […]

3 Reasons your CIO can’t sleep at night

Chief information officers (CIOs) have a multifaceted role. While functioning as business leaders on the executive team, they are also responsible for overseeing IT management, resource allocation, training and even system recovery planning. CIOs keep tabs on moving parts and complex systems throughout their companies – and with these varied responsibilities, it’s no wonder that […]

5 Tips to change the way you think about data security

Even veteran data security experts are learning new tips, tricks and strategies in today’s risk landscape. Companies of all sizes and in every industry are facing heightened security breach risks. Worse, many are detecting breaches that are weeks or even months old. News headlines are overflowing with examples of “what not to do” when it […]

What I wish my infrastructure team understood about security

I hear some variation of the above quote in almost every meeting I have with IT leaders, executives and information security officers lately. Storage administrators and others who have traditionally been responsible for data management are now on the frontlines in a persistent data security war. Some of those staffers have viewed the security aspect […]

3 Mistakes to avoid when managing sensitive data

Your company is constantly exposed to security threats. At any time, a hacker could break into your computing environment, a contractor with malicious intent could download private information or an employee could mistakenly save upcoming merger and acquisition (M&A) plans to the wrong file share. Threats like these are rooted in every industry. Although news […]

Gartner’s advice for 2016: Build security from the ground up

You never know how tomorrow’s headlines will change your industry. In the technology world, news from major vendors and startups alike has constant potential to shake up the status quo. Between reports of major investments, acquisitions, product capabilities and company launches, you’d think we were beyond the point of being surprised – and yet every […]