How security threats drive technology evolution

Some weeks, it feels like security news is dominating the media landscape. Between accounts of private data stolen from messaging services and wider implications of personally identifiable information (PII) theft, data privacy issues are gaining traction and reaching bigger audiences than ever before. I met with an IT security team last week that is moving […]

Being Data-Aware Means More To Your Bottom Line

An interesting stat in a recent Wired Magazine article jumped off the screen: the nationwide average salary of a data scientist ($116,000+) is nearly twice that of a skilled programmer ($64,000+). Not only are the average salaries of both professionals far apart, but the perception that only a data scientist can harness data is also […]

Never Let Human Nature Endanger Your Data Again

In a recent article for CSO, reporter Taylor Armerding questions how the cybersecurity landscape may shift as millennial staffers become the majority of today’s workforce. Surveys have found that workers in this age bracket are more concerned with productivity and convenience than security, prone to working around guidelines and protocols established to help ensure safe […]

Data Security Means Asking the Hard Questions

Would you cringe if you knew every element of data your company has stored? Every screenshot a colleague may have saved, every Word document or note taken during a meeting, every app or plug-in employees have downloaded over the years (and the login details they’ve entered)? Most security administrators would. And when you consider the […]

Why Your Storage Should Address Your Compliance Needs

DataGravity continues to pioneer the convergence of storage and data security/compliance. Defining a new, combined segment presents the challenge of marketing to a new breed – IT professionals who focus on storage and who support data security – as well as speaking a language that communicates features and capabilities that are universally understood by these […]

Be the Data Security Superhero Your Company Deserves

Protecting your data against security breaches and hacks can feel like the quest of a superhero. While every company’s storage servers house valuable, sensitive information, most organizations lack a clear data governance, risk and compliance (GRC) strategy, which can put Social Security numbers, proprietary information and trade secrets at risk. This critical mistake can spell […]

The 10 Problems Customers Battle When You Compromise Their PII

The number of well-publicized data breaches hitting globally known retailers, hospitals and other organizations grows almost every day. When these organizations fail to understand where and how they’re storing customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), they also fail to manage and protect it adequately. Chief security officers (CSOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) need to […]

Security Risks Start (and Can Be Stopped) in the Data Center

As dangerous breaches and hacks dominate our daily news, security issues demand executive attention more than ever. For many companies, the target of these events is rooted in the data center – specifically, in storage. While we’ve already seen data storage driving business and setting new expectations for the IT industry, as attacks threaten the […]

Webinar: Reducing Security, Compliance Risks With Data-Secure Storage

In a data-driven landscape, many organizations have adopted philosophies based on storing as much information as possible; few have figured out what to do with all that stored data, or how to manage the security and compliance risks within it. Solving this problem was the topic of a recent DataGravity webinar, “What’s In Your Data? […]

Three Ways IT Pros Can Improve Search and Discovery

If you’re an IT administrator, we bet we can guess one question that has drained time, energy and patience throughout your career: “Can you help me find something? I swear I didn’t delete it.” This query is simple, but it can be a headache – and often, we get it from not only our colleagues, […]