11 Questions storage admins can ask data to improve business

Whether you’re a storage admin or a team member working in human resources, marketing, compliance, accounting or another department, your company’s data holds insights that can help you do your job better and move the company toward its overall goals.

As data-aware storage becomes available in more organizations, IT and line-of-business users need to learn the kinds of questions they can and should ask their data in order to unlock its value and surface actionable insights about the business.

Here are 11 questions to get you started:

  1. What percentage of my data has not been accessed over the last 12 months?
  2. Who just used up 10 terabytes of storage to hold his personal music collection?
  3. What was the last piece of data Joe accessed right before he resigned?
  4. Perhaps more importantly, what files did Joe access in the last two weeks before his departure?
  5. I invited 12 people to the meeting this afternoon and asked them all to read my report beforehand. How many of them actually did so?
  6. Are customers’ Social Security and credit card numbers stored in places we shouldn’t have?
  7. How is a particular topic trending across my data over time?
  8. What file types are most popular/prevalent in my storage?
  9. Who was the last person to update the annual sales presentation?
  10. Which staffers have the most expertise with customers in the financial services market?
  11. Who reviewed the quarterly marketing report?

What would you ask your data?
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Gabe Maentz

Gabe serves as a Systems Engineer for DataGravity and is committed to helping our channel partners and customers succeed. Gabe brings over 15 years of Information Technology experience working for leading companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, Kimberly-Clark Corp., and Epic Systems. He was recently recognized as a vExpert for his contributions to the IT community.