25 Influencers You Should Be Following On Twitter

A person’s Twitter feed can speak volumes, and not only through the posts that they share. While every social media platform offers a unique business value to its users, Twitter may be the most direct way to keep abreast of unfiltered news and commentary through sources curated to your personal preferences, industry and expertise.

To maximize this value, it’s important to pay attention to various perspectives on industry topics and trends in order to help you piece together your interpretation of a given subject, which can then inform your recommendations and results for your company. Below are some of our top picks for tech experts you should follow on Twitter.


The best way to avoid getting lost in a deluge of news on Twitter is to keep a list handy of reporters you know you can trust for an unbiased, intelligent perspective, whether the topic is the local technology space, startup and entrepreneurship stories or breaking developments in an ongoing story.

  • Kyle Alspach, @KyleAlspach
  • Heather Clancy, @GreenTechLady
  • Jack Clark, @mappingbabel
  • Barb Darrow, @gigabarb
  • Quentin Hardy, @qhardy
  • Eric Knorr, @EricKnorr
  • Ron Miller, @ron_miller
  • Thor Olavsrud, @thorolavsrud


IT analysts have access to a unique perspective on the industry, gained through client discussions and extensive research. Even if you’re not a client, you can gain insights from analysts’ work through their blogs and reports. Tips from major firms like Gartner, Forrester, IDC and ESG are always a priority, and we love the chance to catch up with independent analysts who focus their work on topics like storage and security, as well.

  • Howard Marks, @DeepStorageNet
  • George Crump, @StorageSwiss
  • Jon Oltsik, @joltsik


The best way to stay informed about the technology tips and tricks that actually work is to hear them from sources who work with new solutions hands-on. As enterprise IT pros, we’re lucky to have access to a rich network of blogs that offer expert opinion, analysis and demos about new tools and techniques as they grow from early-stage ideas to trends that shape the industry. In addition to our picks below, be sure to check out vSphere Land’s list of the Top 25 vBloggers for 2015.

  • Duncan Epping, @DuncanYB
  • William Lam, @lamw
  • Stephen Foskett, @SFoskett
  • Cormac Hogan, @CormacJHogan
  • Magnus Andersson, @magander3
  • Derek Seaman, @vDerekS
  • Michael Webster, @vcdxnz001
  • Chris Wahl, @ChrisWahl
  • Michael White, @mwVme – (Note: Michael White is a colleague of mine here at DataGravity, but his insight and thought-provoking posts have been a favorite of mine – even before we started working together.)

Other industry pros

For a wider perspective on technology, startups and leadership, we turn to sources like venture capitalists and resource hubs, such as the Startup Institute.

  • Accel Partners, @Accel
  • Mark Andreessen, @pmarca
  • Steve Herrod, @herrod
  • Peter Levine, @Peter_Levine
  • Startup Institute, @StartupInst

You can follow Gabe on Twitter at @gmaentz. What’s your favorite source for tech news and commentary? Share with us at @DataGravityInc.


Gabe Maentz

Gabe serves as a Systems Engineer for DataGravity and is committed to helping our channel partners and customers succeed. Gabe brings over 15 years of Information Technology experience working for leading companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, Kimberly-Clark Corp., and Epic Systems. He was recently recognized as a vExpert for his contributions to the IT community.