3 Questions with DataGravity Co-founder Paula Long

Where did the idea for DataGravity come from?
The vision is really clear, the realization of the vision is really hard since it needs a new storage architecture to be successful.  When you think about it, at the point of storage is the perfect place to surface insights about the information as it’s created, read or modified. DataGravity has the advantages of being able to be deployed simply, and the insights continue to grow and be surfaced as the data grows that is being sent to the storage array.

Where do you see the role of IT moving as end users seek to leverage their data to make better business decisions?
People talk about the democratization of IT, but I don’t believe IT is just someone managing plugs and discs. IT is actually managing how the information flows in and out of the organization, and these teams are moving up into being business partners. As they do so, they need to make sure they’re curing root problems and not just fixing symptoms. They have to ensure their organizations are creating data for the right reasons, that they can use it, that they’re segmenting it in a way they understand what it is, that they understand the business value and they’re not protecting everything equally — because not all data has equal value.

What’s your goal for DataGravity?
The most critical thing for any entrepreneur to do is to identify what’s most important to them. For us, that has always centered on customer happiness, happy culture and product leadership in our segment. We’re focused on building products and a team that meets those goals, and we’re excited about the progress we’re making toward solving customer problems and illuminating the intelligence in their data.

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Paula Long

Paula Long is the CEO and co-founder of DataGravity. She previously co-founded storage provider EqualLogic, which was acquired by Dell for $1.4 billion in 2008. She remained at Dell as vice president of storage until 2010. Prior to EqualLogic, she served in engineering management positions at Allaire Corporation and oversaw the ClusterCATS product line at Bright Tiger Technologies. She is a graduate of Westfield State College.