3 Reasons your CIO can’t sleep at night

Chief information officers (CIOs) have a multifaceted role. While functioning as business leaders on the executive team, they are also responsible for overseeing IT management, resource allocation, training and even system recovery planning. CIOs keep tabs on moving parts and complex systems throughout their companies – and with these varied responsibilities, it’s no wonder that some wake up in the middle of the night dreading news that their data centers have been hacked, unexpectedly gone down or worse.

Below are three top concerns CIOs face every day (and night):

Virtualization headaches

As reported by a recent Kaspersky Lab survey, security attacks on virtualized infrastructure can cost twice as much as attacks confined to endpoints and physical servers. Virtualization can improve system performance and reduce data center costs, but it can also add layers of complexity to an IT environment and require careful attention. CIOs should ensure they’re equipped with solutions that look inside their virtualized data sets, and can discover and protect sensitive data and important business assets.

Insider security threats

The majority of critical data exposures aren’t the result of third-party attacks – they’re caused by the unintentional or malicious actions of contractors and employees. CIOs can’t watch over every system user and prevent mistakes that put data at risk, but they can set behavioral guidelines and encourage smart security tactics that reduce the potential for issues to occur.

Data management mistakes

Beyond security threats, system efficiency and productivity are top concerns for all CIOs. However, many companies pay for data storage they aren’t using to its full potential. Large amounts of untouched, dark data and unstructured information such as emails and text documents can fill a company’s data stores and obscure business-critical information, causing operational issues that negatively affect the company’s output and bottom line.

Learn how your CIO can better harness and manage data in your organization to sleep better at night.

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Perry Dickau

Former Director of Product Management for DataGravity, Perry provided guidance on product direction and development, as well as on technologies, standards, best practices, and industry trends for data governance, risk management, and compliance. He previously served as a product manager at AvePoint and holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering from the University of New Hampshire.