3 Ways to stand out as a channel pro

Storage is a crowded market. Recent years have seen major developments in enterprise IT, and storage platforms have been associated with much of the noise and announcements in the industry. However, despite new players and platforms entering the scene, one common thread has run between the majority of vendors and products in today’s storage space. For all the options available, few stand out from the pack.

Traditionally, IT pros measured storage value in terms of speed and capacity – speeds, feeds and the amount of cheap disk your solution could offer. While flash and cloud storage have made waves in recent years, in many ways, the overall market remains a commoditized race to the same finish line. For channel pros, it’s imperative to provide your customers with differentiated solutions that solve critical business problems and prove their return on investment (ROI).

If you’re a channel pro, here are three ways to accomplish this goal:

1. Find common ground between technologies to expand your target market.

Work with vendors that provide solutions familiar to your customer base, and expand on the deliverables they already expect. For example, if you’re focused on storage, seek out platforms that incorporate security and compliance at the point of storage. If you’re a security vendor, consider how your portfolio can help enhance your clients’ IT infrastructure.

2. Start a new dialogue at the executive level.

Growing your expertise to include new markets and use cases can deliver new value to your customers and garner executive attention. As you build credibility in a new vertical, aim to raise your conversations with clients to the C-level. Topics like security, compliance and overall ROI are already catching the eye of executive teams, and if you’re able to clearly outline the impact of these issues on a customer’s business as a whole, you’ll be able to demonstrate the wider value of your services.

3. Help your customers protect their data.

Your customers are constantly watching as high-profile hacks flood news headlines. While many would welcome a new approach to security and compliance in their organizations, few are sure of the next steps they should take to enact this change. Data-aware storage can help your customers better manage their sensitive information, identify suspicious users within their networks and preemptively reduce the fallout from a breach, if and when one were to occur.

Request a demo of data-aware storage and start standing out among the channel.

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Rich Shea

Rich brings 25 years of experience with global sales management, product marketing, and system engineering. As the VP of Sales he is responsible for ramping and managing the DataGravity field sales organization in their mission of business development, channel creation and management, and revenue generation. Rich holds a BS from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and an MBA from Boston College.