6 Data Management Challenges Facing IT

IT professionals have a full load these days, especially when it comes to managing data. They need to not only provide data storage, but also help ensure content under storage is secure, that there is always sufficient capacity and that information is backed up so that users can always retrieve whatever they need when they need it.

But managing and securing data storage is getting more difficult for a number of reasons. Below are six of the hurdles storage and IT leaders need to jump in order to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

  1. Data growth is rampant. Industry estimates show that data is growing at a rate as high as 45 percent per year. Most of that growth stems from unstructured data and from a keep-everything approach to storage.
  2. Data velocity is intensifying. IT teams face fast-changing data and information with a shortening period of value.
  3. Data is spreading across organizations. Data that was once confined to a single store is now being repurposed across businesses and beyond. The propagation of data is exacerbated as data is imported into new applications, services and repositories.
  4. Data is coming from new types of content. Businesses are embracing new applications and creating data from new sources. All of those new sources come with varying requirements for data access, data protection, data security and data retention.
  5. Data management must comply with regulations. Organizations need to know what data they should keep, what they can get rid of, where sensitive data resides, who has permission to access it and where audit trails need to be put in place.
  6. Budgets are flattening. IT needs to do more, more, more, but budgets have stayed flat or declined in recent years. Because do-more-with-less seems to be the constant command, it’s essential that IT find better ways to gain visibility into organizational data.

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