A view of VMworld 2015 from my POV as CTO

The recently concluded VMworld 2015 was an exciting and exhilarating week for all of us here at DataGravity. However, that’s to be expected when your company is raising the bar in what is expected from storage.

Our booth traffic was strong. Several folks told us they sought us out at the behest of friends and associates who said they had to check out DataGravity to learn what data-aware storage was all about. What especially seemed to be resonating with people is our refrain that security at the point of storage is the best way for mid-sized businesses and organizations to secure their sensitive data.

Here’s some of the highlights from my point of view:

Tech Field Day

At the Tech Field Day event, DataGravity had a crowd of interested (and interesting) virtualization and storage experts in the room. You can watch the entire presentation here if you’re interested. 

Many were impressed with the improvements we made as part the recent launch of V2 of the DataGravity Discovery Series platform, especially those pertaining to increasing data security at the point of storage (there’s that phrase again).

For example, James Green Tweeted that CIOs would be remiss if they didn’t explore DataGravity for their storage needs while Marco Broeken found that seeing is believing when he was shown how the DataGravity Discovery Series UI intuitively presents user access information so IT Pros can see who accesses sensitive information.

Green & Broeken Tweets

Meanwhile, Enrico Signoretti Tweeted out that storage analytics are his thing, but what DataGravity offers in the way of analytics goes far beyond mere storage analytics.

Signoretti Tweet

And Scott Lowe Tweeted out what everyone knows: storage is today’s #1 problem but the issue goes far beyond capacity and IOPs. The real issue with storage touches upon the very foundation of understanding the data.

Lowe Tweet

We also showed those in attendance at Tech Field Day how DataGravity seamlessly integrates with vRealize Operations to offer data insights. DataGravity is a proud partner of VMware and our integration with vRealize (announced in February) is an extension of this relationship as we’re bringing data-aware storage to VMs through the vROPs interface.


Another fun filled activity was our participation as a co-sponsor of the annual VMware vBrisket celebration, an event with a ton of energy and a ton of great food!

vBrisket logo
The DataGravity team had some fantastic conversations including one with a company that is looking for a better way to meet their PCI compliance requirements. Nothing like talking shop over a plate of delicious barbeque I always say.

VBrisket swagYou can check out the vBrisket twitter here or follow the organizers on Twitter @vBrisket. There was of course great swag that was given out  at the event documents the fun and camaraderie that only slow cooked barbeque and virtualization can bring about.

Participation in “The Greyhairs of Storage” Session

One other event that was truly inspiring personally was participating in a session at VMworld 2015 titled “The Greyhairs of Storage.” I don’t think I exactly qualify as a “gray hair” in the strictest sense of the term. Partly that’s because I don’t have gray hair, but also because I don’t think I’m quite that old yet, though I have been in storage and related industries for my entire professional career.

I had the privilege of being on the panel with Justin Lauer from Tintri, Andy Banta from SolidFire, Rob Peglar from Micron and the dynamic duo that are the hosts of the Greybeards on Storage, Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks. It is always entertaining when you combine over 100 years of storage experience on one stage at a conference like VMworld where storage continues to be a trending topic of innovation and disruption. We enjoyed covering everything from the next generation of 3D NAND to why storage vendors still matter in the age of software-defined everything with a few interesting anecdotes along the way. The session was fully recorded and will become a podcast in the next couple of weeks.

Great Conversations and Anticipation for What’s Ahead

The balance of the show really played into this year’s theme of Ready for Any. The attendees stopping by our booth really took to the message of security at the point of storage. Most agreed that they could benefit from data-awareness in their organizations and wanted to know how they could take advantage of DataGravity after the show.

Additionally, I had amazing conversations with the many vendors in our technology alliances who are opening up to the fact that if we work together in a Data Aware ecosystem we can help our customers be ready to take on any number of new challenges facing their IT infrastructure. Our partnership with VMware and our new integrations with VMware vRealize Operations and Log Insight were definitely well received and play to the heart of helping those who are heavily virtualized leverage VMware in their environments to get unprecedented visibility to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

The show was so inspiring, I can’t wait to see everyone at @ VMworld 2016.


David Siles

David is Chief Technology Officer for DataGravity. Prior to becoming CTO, David served as vice president of worldwide field operations at DataGravity. Previously, he was a member of the senior leadership team at Veeam Software. He also served as CTO and VP of professional services for systems integrator Hipskind TSG. A graduate of DeVry University, he is a frequent speaker at top tier technology shows and a recognized expert in virtualization.