CISO Andrew Hay to discuss data-awareness in post-Robert Hanssen world

Former FBI agent Robert Phillip Hanssen was arrested in 2001 for selling classified information to the Soviet Union and Russian Federation for more than $1.4 million in cash and diamonds over a 22-year period. Fifteen years later, classified data remains a target for security attacks. Though America has grown in terms of the technology at its disposal and its understanding of data security, a focus on locating and protecting sensitive data remains absent from many information security programs.

When companies lack visibility into their data, they make it possible for sensitive, personal information to exist in places people are unaware of. The consequences are visible in recent security breach reports from across the globe. On May 20 at the CyberSecureGov conference in Washington, D.C, DataGravity CISO Andrew Hay will share insights to help companies update their data security tactics, gain control of their sensitive data and avoid such consequences.

Data-awareness has changed in the post-Robert Hanssen world, and it will continue to evolve until companies and individuals can feel secure about their personal information. During the CyberSecureGov conference, additional interactive sessions and workshops will explore data security across multiple channels. Topics will include best practices for responding to major incidents, how to get through the aftermath of a security breach, companies’ top 10 security expectations and more. In his session, Andrew will present tips, tricks and proven methodologies for detecting, defending and even destroying sensitive data within an IT environment. As Andrew will cover, every organization should approach sensitive data management with respect and confidence – regardless of the target industry or company’s size.

End users and security pros alike need to become more data-aware, especially when sensitive data remains at risk. Conferences like CyberSecureGov provide forums for discussions on those topics and what we can do to prevent hackers and breaches. If you plan to be at the conference, join Andrew’s session on May 20 at 10:30 a.m. ET.

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Devlyn Coelho

Devlyn Coelho is the Director of Corporate Marketing at DataGravity. She previously held marketing leadership roles at Enterprise Strategy Group, Dell, and EqualLogic.