Why Data-Aware Storage and Virtualization Make a Winning Team

VMware Tech Alliance & Storage logosIn an evolving industry like IT, collaborating with other advancing technologies is almost as important as the innovation in your own technology. From the beginning, DataGravity has cooperatively worked with VMware to enhance data management, insight and governance within virtualized environments for the benefit of our mutual customers. As a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner, DataGravity is aligned with VMware to enable advanced integration and compatibility, cooperative support and educational go-to-market programs to fully support customers deploying our solutions.

Now, the DataGravity Discovery Series platform is certified “VMware Ready” and a member of the VMware hardware compatibility list (HCL) for network file systems (NFS). This will ensure the simple deployment of data-aware storage with VMware vSphere, enhance innovation in our customers’ businesses, and help us contribute to making their lives a little easier.

How, you might ask? Below are a few key facts about virtualization, VMware and DataGravity to get you up to speed on why we’re celebrating this news.

1.    Virtualization adoption is growing. For the data center’s workloads, virtualization is a key element. As new developments allow data centers for enterprises and midmarket companies to increase their capacity and take on new workloads, virtualization is necessary to manage this growth.
2.    Data management can be a challenge. Complicated backup strategies and virtual machine (VM) sprawl can cause virtualization to spur relentless data growth. When this happens, data can be across hundreds or thousands of virtual machines. As a result, data can get lost, go dark or be left unmanaged. Luckily, data-aware storage can help avoid these issues.
3.    Data-aware storage and virtual environments enhance each other’s benefits. DataGravity treats VMs as first-class data objects, individually managing them in terms of provisioning, performance, and protection policies. Based on a unified, flash-optimized design, the Discovery Series delivers high performance and availability, while optimizing the storage footprint with inline deduplication and compression of VMware virtual machines.
4.    VM environments thrive with intelligent data. As VMs are created, accessed and updated, the files, content, metadata, users and user activities of each VM’s embedded file systems must be analyzed, correlated and indexed in order to efficiently process them and be able to easily access the insights they store. The DataGravity Engine, an intelligent co-processor, is built to manage this activity and support any virtualized environment’s growth.

Want to learn more about how you can improve VMware operations with DataGravity? Download our virtualization solutions brief.  

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David Siles

David is Chief Technology Officer for DataGravity. Prior to becoming CTO, David served as vice president of worldwide field operations at DataGravity. Previously, he was a member of the senior leadership team at Veeam Software. He also served as CTO and VP of professional services for systems integrator Hipskind TSG. A graduate of DeVry University, he is a frequent speaker at top tier technology shows and a recognized expert in virtualization.