DataGravity CTO David Siles to discuss how storage, security overlap at SNIA DSS Summit

More and more, the lines between data storage and data security are blurring. An IT director tasked with managing his company’s enterprise IT resources may find himself, in the aftermath of a data breach, answering to the C-level team about whether he could have helped prevent the event. Meanwhile, a security manager may find that despite endpoint and network security measures, her company’s data is still at risk due to inadequate security measures on the data itself at the point of storage.

These topics are the focus of the upcoming Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Data Storage Security (DSS) Summit, which will take place on September 24 in Santa Clara, California. The audience at the conference will hear experts discussing case studies, security breach stories and thoughts about cloud security, the Internet of Things (IoT), privacy, big data management and more. While the event will share space with the SNIA Storage Developer Conference, the DSS Summit will dig into the factors that make a data breach possible – and what security and storage professionals alike can do to prevent them.

Do you need a superhero on your team to improve security?

Although the modern security climate is riddled with data theft incidents and risks, there are many opportunities available to IT professionals looking to step up and help defend their organizations’ private data. The solutions available on today’s market make it feasible for team members to effectively employ x-ray vision, conjure psychic abilities and create force fields for the sake of identifying sensitive data, keeping it safe and ensuring the business runs safely and securely. 

During the SNIA DSS Summit, DataGravity Chief Technology Officer David Siles will lead a session that questions what – or who – poses the greatest threats to data security. Attendees will learn to question what they’re storing on their file shares or virtual machines (VMs), which employees have access to this data, why they should hold VMs to the same security standards as physical servers, and what they need to become the security superheroes their organizations are looking for. Be sure to catch David’s session if you’re attending the show, and follow @DataGravityInc on Twitter for live updates during the event.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm was the vice president of marketing at DataGravity for 2 years. Jeff brought more than 20 years of experience with a rare combination of marketing skills, organizational leadership and technical background to DataGravity, having shaped the BI and search markets working for industry pioneers and disrupters.