The DataGravity Discovery Series FAQ

Now that we’ve been talking freely about the DataGravity Discovery Series for a few weeks, we thought it would be helpful to share some key questions we’ve heard frequently, along with answers from our team.

Q: What do you mean by data-aware storage?
A: Data-aware storage is a new paradigm for how storage systems should be built.  The concept of data-aware storage is that storage systems should retain and maintain information about the data they are storing, rather than just being dumb data containers.  By knowing who is accessing what data when, data-aware storage becomes an information-rich repository that can be queried to determine such questions as why is it that our data requirements are growing so fast?  Is sensitive data being wrongly exposed or accessed in our environment?  Are there existing assets and collaborators that might be useful for my new project?  DataGravity is pioneering this new product category with the introduction of the DataGravity Discovery Series.

Q: What is the Discovery Series?
A: At its core, the DataGravity Discovery Series is a unified, flash-optimized primary storage platform, but the Discovery Series extends far beyond classic features and expectations of what mid-range storage can do.   Based on a patent-pending software architecture, The Discovery Series transforms traditional approaches to data management and governance with near-instant data recovery, zero-impact protection, enhanced data governance and integrated search and discovery across NAS, block and virtual machine datastores.  Based on a seamless user experience and fully integrated system platform, the Discovery Series delivers a unified approach that integrates critical capabilities into the storage layer.

Q: What problem does data-aware storage solve?
A: We live in a data-driven world, and companies everywhere are struggling to manage their growing unstructured information assets. The DataGravity mission is to unlock the value embedded in this information. Storage should be a strategic business asset – not just a repository. The result is not only that we serve and protect data more efficiently, but also help you to better understand your data, to expose actionable insights and issues that help you streamline data management, reduce business risks and increase user productivity.

Q: Why hasn’t anyone built this before?
A: Good question. Other vendors have been so focused keeping pace with increasing demands related to speeds and feeds, they’ve failed to ask what now seems like an obvious question: How can we make dumb storage smart? That was the question we started with; it’s the reason DataGravity exists.

Q: Can I get a demo?
A: Anytime. For a quick overview, check out our Products page.  Or explore a series of demos showing how the Discovery Series surfaces actionable insights; tracks data access, finds sensitive data; protects and restores virtual machine data; and mines data to improve productivity, collaboration and decision-making.  And for an interactive session, sign up for one of our weekly, live web-based demonstrations.


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Tim Sherbak

Tim Sherbak leads product marketing at DataGravity, aligned to his passion for helping customers adopt new technologies and solutions to deliver breakthrough results. Tim has held sales and marketing leadership roles in some of the most pioneering companies in technology.