DataGravity Gives Thanks For a Year of Abundance

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of the holidays and forget what they’re actually about. As Thanksgiving approaches, for example, most of us are busy trying to hit our 2014 professional goals before the year winds down, while also pursuing all of the personal goals we have for the next few weeks, like visiting with family and friends, and playing Santa to our loved ones.

But this week is for gratitude, and it’s worth pausing to think about all we have to be grateful for this year. At DataGravity, that list is long. For me personally, I’m certainly grateful that I joined the company earlier this year, and am very grateful for the great strides we’ve made this year toward our goal to change the storage status quo, including the following:

  • In April, we moved to the new DataGravity headquarters in Nashua, N.H., where we have plenty of room to continue expanding the company.
  • We finished the successful beta testing of the DataGravity intelligent storage platform and launched DataGravity Discovery Series commercially in August.
  • We officially opened our Partner Network and had a terrific response, with now more than 70 partners helping to bring data-aware storage to the market.
  • We saw an overwhelming industry response to that launch, as illustrated by two prestigious award wins at VMworld: TechTarget’s Best of Show and Gold for Best New Technology. Soon after, we earned other awards in recognition of our website.
  • We shipped Discovery Series and closed our first sales in October.
  • We were awarded a patent for the system and method of data intelligent storage – one more signal that we really have changed the game in data storage.

Our mission at DataGravity is to help companies unlock the value of information. This year we took a big step forward towards achieving that mission, as DataGravity partners continue to help more and more businesses transform their storage into strategic assets, not just repositories. That’s a lot to be thankful for.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm was the vice president of marketing at DataGravity for 2 years. Jeff brought more than 20 years of experience with a rare combination of marketing skills, organizational leadership and technical background to DataGravity, having shaped the BI and search markets working for industry pioneers and disrupters.