Driving Our Team With VMware vExpertise

IT has been subject to serious changes over the last year. From IT admins assuming new data protection and governance responsibilities, to data-aware technology changing the status quo of a stagnant industry, DataGravity is preparing for any curveball 2015 might throw us. One thing we’re grateful for is the industry expertise of our team. And we’re not the only ones taking notice; VMware recently named two DataGravity team members to its 2015 list of vExperts.

If you aren’t already following posts from Gabe Maentz, systems engineer, and Michael White, our recently named director of DataGravity labs and Customer[0], you’re missing out. Each vExpert here at DataGravity draws from a rich technical background to share unique insights on storage architecture, virtualization and engineering. Specifically, Gabe has more than 15 years of IT experience with companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kimberly-Clark Corp. and Epic Systems, and he blogs regularly for DataGravity and on his personal website, Maentz.net. Meanwhile, Michael previously worked in research and development for VMware’s Integration Engineering group. He began a private newsletter in 2007, which has since grown into Notes from MWhite.

Michael and Gabe are go-to resources if you’re looking for an insider perspective on the DataGravity Discovery Series, and they can help your business increase the value of what you receive from data-aware storage. We see this demonstrated every day in our office and in the field, and these skills are some of the reasons we’re able to deliver on our promise of going above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Interested in learning more? Check out some of our favorite posts by Gabe and Michael.

Gabe Maentz (@gmaentz):

Michael White (@mwVme):

Visit the VMware blog for the 2015 vExpert list, and follow DataGravity on Twitter for team insights, tech tips, industry news and more.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm was the vice president of marketing at DataGravity for 2 years. Jeff brought more than 20 years of experience with a rare combination of marketing skills, organizational leadership and technical background to DataGravity, having shaped the BI and search markets working for industry pioneers and disrupters.