“Dumb” Storage is No Longer Acceptable

Storage is not very intelligent. You could even call it dumb. It collects bits and bytes of data all day long just to hold onto them for later retrieval when a network client asks for them. This is how most of us use our storage today. This includes network-based storage such as NAS and SAN products as well as direct-attached storage such as file servers.

Storage, for the most part is a dumping ground and is typically a black-box. Unless you were the person who wrote the data you don’t really know what you have at your fingertips. Yes, there are tools that can be used to extract some useful nuggets out of the storage. But, they can be both expensive and time consuming to install and maintain.

If you had data-aware storage or storage that tracks and analyzes data as it is stored you could easily answer questions such as these:

  • Which one of your users is the top consumer of storage?
  • Who is the most active user, but not necessarily the top consumer? Think I/O hog.
  • What sensitive information (think credit cards and social security numbers) is available to everyone in the company to read?
  • What files did Billy delete the days or weeks before he gave his notice?

The days of dumb storage are no longer acceptable. As I mention in my previous blog it’s also no longer acceptable to be the person who just manages storage. But, don’t take my word for it. Many others agree with us including Enrico Signoretti and Jeff Kato.

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David Stevens

David Stevens is a Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity. For two decades, David worked as a systems admin, doing everything from taking support calls to building out IT infrastructure to architecting new storage environments. Prior to joining DataGravity, he created technical content and evangelized storage solutions for Dell.