Gartner’s advice for 2016: Build security from the ground up

You never know how tomorrow’s headlines will change your industry. In the technology world, news from major vendors and startups alike has constant potential to shake up the status quo. Between reports of major investments, acquisitions, product capabilities and company launches, you’d think we were beyond the point of being surprised – and yet every year, companies are shifting their strategies and adapting their product offerings as they take in the news.

At the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, the analyst firm’s vice president and Gartner fellow, David Cearley, announced predictions for the top 10 strategic technology trends in 2016. The trends span consumer and enterprise technology, but a few themes are constant among them. It’s clear that today’s world is becoming more connected and automated, and there’s a growing need to streamline processes and consult data analytics at every turn.

Security as a starting point

According to Gartner, 77 percent of CEOs report that the digital world has created new levels of security risks, and 65 percent feel that their investments in risk management aren’t keeping up with the threat landscape. These sentiments were echoed in Cearley’s presentation at ITxpo, with the majority of CIOs naming security as their top concern for 2016. We know C-level executives’ are keenly aware of the need to identify and manage risks, but a recurring problem in the industry continues: even when they’re staring a security problem in the face, executives aren’t sure how to address it.

To solve this problem, Cearley predicts that 2016 will see a surge in security tools that play offense. In one example, he cited the rise of protective modeling in apps, which gives apps the tools they need to protect themselves, and he discussed the value in enterprise IT taking a cue from this strategy.

In addition, as the security landscape becomes more proactive, Gartner suggests building security into all business processes. With an integrated, end-to-end approach, companies are less likely to suffer data theft or misplace files containing private information. And it needs to start from the ground up – we’re beyond the time where security was an acceptable afterthought in the enterprise world.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

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