How Intelligent Storage Makes the Admin Life Simpler

We once carried a camera, a map, a flashlight, a notepad, a pen and a pager on our person at all times. Now, all that technology has been condensed into an intelligent device called a smartphone. This simplification has made our lives easier, so much so that the current generation barely has an idea of what a pager is, let alone how it works. Data-aware storage is similar to the smart phone; it unifies tasks such as data governance, protection, discovery and storage, which once required separate solutions, and streamlines them into one appliance that delivers greater functionality than any mish-mash of tools could provide. For storage admins, that evolution solves a lot of historical pain points.

I can’t think of anything that was more annoying than being paged before the sun had risen to recover lost files, except having to track down and eliminate a server virus. Replicating useless files that no one had touched in years tried my patience daily when I was an admin. Managing disk space constraints took up huge periods of time that could have been spent on more productive tasks, and searching through large amounts of data often gave me headaches. Those annoyances came hand in hand with personnel problems that existing technology couldn’t fix. Compiling status reports and identifying if employees have read a relevant article for an important meeting consumed valuable time.

The creation of data-aware storage solves these problems in the same way that a smartphone reduces the abundance of tools we manage, makes us more efficient and delivers more capabilities to more users. Data-aware storage has similar benefits and unlocks the value of your data, surfacing actionable insights about your business.

I remember the frustrations of admin life all too well. I keep them in mind when I’m working now, in a time when evolving storage innovation is curing many of the pain points that were once so prevalent.

Feel like you’re wasting precious time struggling to uncover insights from your stored data? Learn how data-aware storage can help.

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Gabe Maentz

Gabe serves as a Systems Engineer for DataGravity and is committed to helping our channel partners and customers succeed. Gabe brings over 15 years of Information Technology experience working for leading companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, Kimberly-Clark Corp., and Epic Systems. He was recently recognized as a vExpert for his contributions to the IT community.