IT asked to provide GPS on business decisions

DataGravity reached its first birthday and I am honored to be a part of such a high performing organization and working alongside a master builder in Paula Long. We are truly building a great company and a place where people can feel like they are on the path to achieving our mission. Now, over 35 strong, we are full steam ahead in converting a vision into a solution. It is fascinating to experience the early customer reaction to what this capability will enable and uncover.

This week, we completed our first Early Access Program meeting with 5 excellent participants visiting us to give their perspective on what we were building and how they might deploy it back at their companies. (I’m certain Dave Siles will be commenting further on this very soon.) The companies they represented covered legal, retail, healthcare, education and social services.  We were intrigued by the audience uptake on the solution and the general capability it offered.

What struck me in particular was how fast each person in the meeting was able to make connection to a business need or operational task that DataGravity’s solution could address. The Facebook “Like” counter seemed to get clicked constantly throughout the day and a half session. When each person spoke, they would describe an employee by name or department by function that is doing it “this way today” and could completely eliminate or revolutionize that operation with this product. Our early participants were able to see that we are turning a tried and true model for data management on its head. That this product would up-level the productivity and efficiency of so many things that people have taken for granted as the norm.

The bottom-line for me is that our solution will cut the “time to answer” for users, significantly. From security and compliance to collaboration and trending, our constituents from IT saw immediate impact on meeting data regulations, improving company integrity on information security and overall business impact and decision making. DataGravity could expose a whole new dimension to data.

Listening carefully to these conversations unfold over the course of the meeting, I put myself in the position of many different people that could interact with products like ours. Imagine the possibilities. Marketing people will be blown away when they tune into a whole new digital social channel about their content, customers and collaboration. Things buried in their data, never seen before, become clear and present. Security and compliance people will cut their time to discovery in half and see dramatic improvements in data leak prevention. Healthcare workers will connect with one another to get informed about patient care and work flows all over the organization and in different departments. Legal people will see connections between events and dial back time to see things as if they were there.

A roadmap of possibilities starts to form up as a GPS for business. A new compass has emerged in Big Data for business users and the visualization tools are really cool.  I’m not saying all of this is possible, but we will redefine a number of things people accept as the norm today. You can throw away the paper maps. Step on the compass….?  Well maybe not and hang onto those matches too. This journey will be awesome.  (I’m told by NPR this morning that the human brain thrives on metaphor.)

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John Joseph

John Joseph

President and co-founder of DataGravity, John Joseph leads company’s sales, marketing, operations and customer initiatives. John previously served as vice president of marketing and product management at EqualLogic, leading these functions from the company's initial launch through the successful acquisition by Dell in 2008. He subsequently served as vice president of enterprise solutions, marketing at Dell for three years after the acquisition.