Moving data from a dimly lit storage room to an intelligent data-aware warehouse

Imagine you’re the manager of a massive, dimly lit warehouse; its contents have fallen from their shelves and are strewn across the floor. The warehouse has no real inventory management system, making the tracking of content, deliveries and shipments almost impossible.

Now, imagine your warehouse has been broken into and your boss, chief financial officer (CFO) and legal department want a detailed report on what was stolen. Unfortunately, based on your state of “warehouse-awareness,” it’s likely impossible that you could provide the requested information in a correct and timely fashion. Unfortunately, this is the situation for many companies due to the lack of data-awareness in today’s enterprise storage.

Data-aware storage flips on the warehouse lights, organizes the shelves and delivers a detailed, searchable data inventory system

When a company adopts data-aware technology, your stored data not only gains the industry standard of five nines’ reliability – your team gains access to five W’s about its data. Now, you can answer questions about the contents of your warehouse, such as:

  • WHO is accessing, consuming or modifying data?
  • WHEN is activity occurring, and when was the last time a file was touched?
  • WHAT files do we have, and what business insights can we derive now that our data is fully catalogued and searchable? Additionally, what files haven’t been touched for more than a year and could be archived or disposed of?
  • WHERE is our sensitive data located?
  • WHY are we running out of storage capacity?

Once your company becomes data-aware, these questions and other unique data insights can help improve data security, compliance and storage effectiveness. After all, you cannot protect, glean insights from or manage data without clear and detailed visibility into its contents.

A well-lit data-aware IT warehouse helps you spot threats and security risks before they occur. Identifying a folder with sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), credit card information, etc., in an unprotected public share before it gets into the wrong hands due to data-awareness ability is a new and priceless weapon in the fight against cybercrime.

Learn how data-aware storage helps identify and protect sensitive data in files and virtual machines.


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Rich Shea

Rich brings 25 years of experience with global sales management, product marketing, and system engineering. As the VP of Sales he is responsible for ramping and managing the DataGravity field sales organization in their mission of business development, channel creation and management, and revenue generation. Rich holds a BS from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and an MBA from Boston College.