News Roundup: On data analysis for better business decisions

The data you’re storing is only as valuable as your ability to derive intelligence from it. The challenge of bringing that data to decision-makers in meaningful ways was the subject of several articles last week, including these:

InfoWorld, “How to build a great data science team

In exploring the characteristics that make up a great data science team, Writer Chris Nerney reveals one of the key concerns around data intelligence – merging the technical skill it takes to extract meaning from data with the business knowledge it takes to apply that meaning to organizational goals. Nerney’s sources suggest companies need to hire data scientists who can communicate with executives. With the right technology in place, though, organizations without formal data scientists can actually empower IT and line-of-business users to extract data insights themselves.


ComputerWeekly, “Successful business analytics combines data and intuition

In this Q-and-A with Jeanne Harris, an executive research fellow and a senior executive at the Accenture Institute for High Performance in Chicago, Editor Brian McKenna asks about the role of data analytics in today’s decision-making. Harris notes that for centuries, management has been focused on getting “the best possible information to make the best possible decisions.” She notes that the technology to achieve that always seemed to be something that was in the future, but now exists in the present.So, what’s left is to make the best possible decisions and to optimise your processes and execute them with rigour, and be innovative and agile. All those things are powered by data, so it’s forcing people to look at data and analytics in a new light.”


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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

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