News Roundup: Outlets Examine Big Data Trends From Market, User Perspectives

Amid the many recent articles exploring big data analytics, challenges and trends were these three, which we found particularly interesting. Forbes, IT Business Edge and The Economist look at the challenge of extracting insights from stored data from the perspectives of different markets and users.

Forbes: “For Banks, Better Data Management Means More Effective Fraud and Crime Prevention”
In this Accenture-authored article, contributor Steve Culp makes an argument for better data management in the banking industry, but his points should resonate across any vertical market where the massive generation and storage of data is presenting security challenges.

Culp writes, “In their efforts to battle cyber-crime, a central concern for banks is the management and monitoring of vast quantities of data…To help prevent and detect financial crime, banks need both an integrated (and timely) data set and the ability to bring sophisticated analytics to bear on the data to generate useful insights.”

The calls for better data governance, analytics and visualization in this piece make it a worthy read for IT and line-of-business workers in any field – whether they’re battling for tighter governance, deeper insights or both.

IT Business Edge: “Women: The New Power Behind Big Data Analytics”
Analyst Rob Enderle had a pair of articles out recently that discuss the role women are playing in the evolution of big data analytics. In this piece for IT Business Edge, he notes that information users need to be involved in the Big Data issue, and in many cases, those users will be women.

Enderle says, “Data analytics is a tool used by decision makers with unique needs and it should be obvious that a critical resource in creating, selling and implementing this class of product is the experts in the functional area in which it is being implemented…You need someone with the expertise to know what the customer actually wants, what they need, and how to use the tool to gain the greatest success.”

In writing for CIO, Enderle references a panel he moderated at the recent Women in Technology Summit, in which he also speaks to the growing role of women in tech, and more specifically how this increase is being powered by big data and analytics.

The Economist: “Decisive action: How businesses make decisions and how they could do it better”
The Economist released a report about decision-making and the relationship between data and intuition. In a survey, The Economist found that 59 percent of respondents rely on data to help them make decisions, but 73 percent of respondents said they trust their own intuition when it comes to decision-making. Even among the data-driven decision-makers, 68 percent of them agreed with that statement. Overall, according to the study, even as organizations become more data-driven in their decision-making, intuition should still be valued and cultivated.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

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