Observations from the Innovation Showcase: The MIT CIO Symposium From My POV

At my prior job I attended many tradeshows, conferences and industry events.  One of the great things about attending these events is the energy exuded by the attendees.  Attendees are very excited to hear and learn about new technologies.  This was the case at the recent MIT CIO Symposium held in Cambridge.

I only had time to attend a couple sessions before I went out to the Innovation Showcase to help show DataGravity to those in attendance.  But, our VP of Marketing Jeff Boehm was there for the entire day.  So, if you would like to read a review of the show from his perspective, I encourage you to click over to read his blog entry.

What was really exciting to me, was the buzz around data insights.  As I noted, DataGravity had a booth in the Innovation Showcase that took place at the end of the event and once attendees started funneling into the room time flew by because of the number of people I had the opportunity to talk with.

Attendees were coming by to ask the usual questions, “What does DataGravity do?” or “Tell me about DataGravity?” After answering their direct questions, I explained to those people how easy it is to search and discover and gain insights to their data. 

 Most folks I spoke with had no way of getting to the level of detail about the data that they store and the value that we can provide.  I’d like to think that I and my colleagues at our exhibit were able to impress upon them that knowing what data that have that can potentially help productivity of the business as well as lead to making better business decisions is vitally important.  Put another way, it can help prevent you from making the wrong business decision.  This is achievable by using the search and discovery features inherent in the DataGravity Discovery Series.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time as I would have preferred with everyone I spoke with. So, I suggested that if they could carve 30 minutes out of their day to watch some video then they should grab a cup of coffee (some favorite beverage of choice), navigate to the resources section or our website and watch all of the product videos to get additional information.

One thing’s for sure: getting out and talking to prospective customers is invigorating.  I hope to see you at a future tradeshow or conference soon.

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David Stevens

David Stevens is a Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity. For two decades, David worked as a systems admin, doing everything from taking support calls to building out IT infrastructure to architecting new storage environments. Prior to joining DataGravity, he created technical content and evangelized storage solutions for Dell.