When Ordinary Acts Become Milestones

John Joseph and I started DataGravity with a simple idea: primary storage should take responsibility for protecting itself, and inform companies about the value and risks in their unstructured data. The solution needed to be simple to use, and the capabilities native to a company’s primary storage platform. We started with this vision, which we now call data-aware storage. Since its inception, there have been hundreds of terabytes (TBs) of data stored on DataGravity systems and we have helped a host of companies get a handle on data privacy and security issues. We have uncovered underutilized assets, and helped companies learn from them in order to make smarter business decisions.

We’ve had many milestone moments since John and I started building DataGravity. Ranking among the top include the day we introduced the world to data-aware storage with our launch, and demonstrated how sometimes, the obvious is revolutionary. Unveiling the Discovery Series at VMworld in San Francisco, and winning the VMworld Best of Show award and a Gold award for Best New Technology were amazing honors. As noted by Peter Levine, one of our board members and a partner with a16z, the Discovery Series launch will go down in history as the day “storage went from dumb to smart.”

Today is another important day for DataGravity. The Discovery Series is now generally available to customers from our certified resellers, in models DG2200 and DG2400. In addition, the DataGravity architecture is no longer patent-pending – DataGravity is officially a patented, game-changing piece of storage history.

At my previous company, we told customers we put an A+ storage administrator in every array. With DataGravity, we gave the A+ storage administrator a compliance officer and a data scientist to collaborate with. Achieving this took a tremendous amount of innovation and effort, and we are still just getting started with helping companies extract real value from their data. As the capabilities of data-aware storage continue to grow, the folks covered under DataGravity support will also be able to leverage added benefits, just for being part of the DataGravity family.

DataGravity will always measure itself by the success our customers achieve. Our biggest milestones in the future will be measured when our customers accelerate business as a result of insights gleaned from their data. This is good news – we look forward to celebrating many triumphs as data-aware storage is embraced on a wider scale.

I invite you to check out the below video to hear John Joseph and me explain what shipping really means for us, our customers and for our partners.

We also welcome you to browse the photos that captured this pivotal moment, as well as the moment our team signed the first unit we shipped from our Nashua, NH offices. DataGravity engineers, quality assurance staff, support personnel, UI designers and marketers took pen in hand and proudly signed their names in an ordinary act which took on extraordinary significance on this day.

Signing the first Discovery Series

More signatures by more proud DataGravity team members

Signed by the DataGravity team

Signed by the DataGravity team

If you’re ready for data-aware storage and need your storage to get smart, we’re looking forward to talking with you.


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Paula Long

Paula Long is the CEO and co-founder of DataGravity. She previously co-founded storage provider EqualLogic, which was acquired by Dell for $1.4 billion in 2008. She remained at Dell as vice president of storage until 2010. Prior to EqualLogic, she served in engineering management positions at Allaire Corporation and oversaw the ClusterCATS product line at Bright Tiger Technologies. She is a graduate of Westfield State College.