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People are loving the DataGravity solution.

I have officially been on board at DataGravity just over two months now and a good part of that time has been working with our talented R&D team and engaging with our trusted advisors in our Early Access Program.  We launched the program to ensure that as we build our solution for enabling businesses to get information from the vast amounts of data they create and store that we are meeting our design requirements and exceeding customer’s expectations.

The response has been amazing and the feedback we are getting has validated our hard work.  One customer in our early access program is a K12 public school district.  They face numerous challenges in managing mounds of unstructured data from ensuring compliance around sensitive documents to making sure school resources aren’t being used for unintended purposes.  Over the past two months, during our product review updates, the school district has really seen the value that the DataGravity solution brings to them.  One of the storage admins recently said, “I love the concept of just managing data and apps over LUNs and shares.  You will save me time I didn’t have.”  The school district is constantly being tasked with doing more with less and time that is saved managing legacy systems can be focused elsewhere.    The Director of Technology for the school district really appreciates the business value that DataGravity brings to the table.  “Being able to give administrators and teachers the ability to react to timely information, will positively impact the learning process.  The DataGravity solution could help identify a troubled student in time to make positive action.”   In addition to the real-time intelligence our solution will give the school out of the box, the collaboration functionality is a welcome addition as the school district struggles with managing public cloud offerings like Dropbox for collaboration projects.

Another customer in our program is a software development company who provides solutions to non-profits managing foster care and adoption services.  They deal with large amounts of data in various forms that contain privileged and personal identifiable information for the agencies they serve that has to be redacted before being shared and encrypted when stored.  They value the ability of the DataGravity solution to show them data doesn’t meet their compliance requirements in real time.  The CTO sees numerous use cases for our intelligence engine to enhance their product offerings and provide a unique differentiator to his company.

Seeing the value our solution is bringing to the market is a great feeling.  When you see a design requirement go from paper to product and seeing customers positive reactions as a result of the team’s hard work is a rewarding experience.   Listening to our early customer’s feedback and producing enhancements to our solution shows how much we care about making a truly game changing product.  The best quote over the last few weeks however is what I will leave you with, “DataGravity will probably change the storage industry again in a way no one sees coming.”

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David Siles

David is Chief Technology Officer for DataGravity. Prior to becoming CTO, David served as vice president of worldwide field operations at DataGravity. Previously, he was a member of the senior leadership team at Veeam Software. He also served as CTO and VP of professional services for systems integrator Hipskind TSG. A graduate of DeVry University, he is a frequent speaker at top tier technology shows and a recognized expert in virtualization.