Quiz: Are you a data detective?

More than ever, data security has been a prevalent media topic in recent years. Between customers burned by big-name brands (Target, Home Depot, and others you likely know all too well), and data breaches hitting hospitals and banks across the world, it’s becoming imperative for IT and security professionals to get better-equipped when it comes to their knowledge of what data they have and how it is being used.

Stories about where Social Security numbers reside and how bank information is stored are more than media sensations – they’re threats that can impact daily life for you and your customers. For example, consider the information and documents you have created at your own company. Do they contain potential security risks that could put your employees, customers and partners in danger – and if so, how would you know?

Sometimes, a data detective’s story begins innocently enough: imagine sitting at your work computer. Your supervisor or boss wants to prep for an upcoming meeting by looking over the source materials from your last quarterly review presentation – which consisted of some key financial stats and the company’s strategy for a yet-to-be launched product. Where did you find this data to begin with and where is it now?

You might have the answer. You might not. Perhaps you have deleted your research files or misplaced them on the server. In any case, ignorance is not bliss. In the same way, dark, unstructured data can lead to missed opportunities and security risks.

To protect your networks and manage your sensitive data, you must be prepared to become a data detective. Think you have what it takes? Ask yourself the following questions to find out:

  • Do I know where I have stored each of the sensitive files in my possession?
  • Can I quickly find and recover files I deleted last week?
  • Who else can view or has viewed documents that I own?
  • Am I storing sensitive data that I don’t know about?
  • Would I know if a data breach was underway?
  • What data am I storing that is stale and dormant, that could be archived or simply deleted?

If you’re a data detective, you’ll be able to shine the light on dark and lost information assets. When you can locate your files and find out who is accessing them – and when, where and why they’re being accessed – you’re on your way to earning your detective’s badge and protecting your team.

Your first detective mission? Determine what exactly is hiding in your data.

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Tim Sherbak

Tim Sherbak leads product marketing at DataGravity, aligned to his passion for helping customers adopt new technologies and solutions to deliver breakthrough results. Tim has held sales and marketing leadership roles in some of the most pioneering companies in technology.