Starnet Data: To secure your crown jewels, network security alone won’t cut it

Guest post by Steve Marks, CEO of Starnet Data

This year marks Starnet’s 30th year in business supporting organizations in Southern California and Arizona with data networking technology solutions and services. I would attribute our longevity to one factor: extreme focus on delivering value to customers.

One of the business practices we follow to maintain this focus is to continually comb the marketplace for new and innovative solutions to offer our customers. We constantly scan the industry looking for emerging solutions that deliver compelling outcomes for reasonable dollars.

In 2016, we discovered our newest partner to help us deliver on our value focus – DataGravity. The reasons we partnered with the company are centered around the outcomes its technology delivers for our customers. In today’s networking universe, a company’s most precious assets – its data – are at supreme risk. The outcome of a compromise of confidential or sensitive data can be catastrophic. By giving our customers the power to look into their data, identify sensitive aspects and protect them, DataGravity serves to mitigate this risk.

Most of the security solutions that Starnet (and other technology firms) have traditionally focused on attempt to secure network boundaries. I liken traditional network security solutions to home security with fencing, alarms, windows bars, motion sensors, barking dogs and the like. But is it practical, even with the outside of the home theoretically secured, to leave your jewels and cash in the open or without additional security measures within your home? To truly protect your valuables at home, wouldn’t it be practical to have them in a safe?

Data-aware technology provides a critical security component for organizations that would be severely harmed with a loss or compromise of data. Data-aware capabilities deliver the insights and visibility an organization needs to best protect its precious, virtualized data; streamline operations; and assure customers, auditors and shareholders that the company is taking prudent action in securing assets.

Protecting your organization’s network boundaries is certainly important, but the benefits of securing the crown jewels in your safe cannot be understated. We advise that all of our clients strengthen their approach to cybersecurity by ensuring its presence at every level of the IT stack – beginning with data.

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