The Boston VMUG is About to Get Data-Aware

Demonstration is a powerful explanatory tool, especially in the technology industry. Seeing how a system works can switch on a lightbulb, illuminating a concept that someone may not have understood before. For companies exploring data-awareness, VMware user group (VMUG) conferences are a great source of these “lightbulb” moments. DataGravity has attended these events all around the country, and they never disappoint, fostering community connections, “lightbulb” conversations and an ever-increasing number of valuable end-user insights. With an upcoming VMUG scheduled for Boston, basically in our backyard, we can pull out all the bells and whistles and show off what data-aware technology can do to help users discover what’s in their data.

Here are several reasons why we’re looking forward to VMUG Boston on June 18th:

VMUGs inspire insight

One of the most common things we hear from VMUG attendees is that they’re struggling with manual processes for analyzing their stored information, especially unstructured data stored in a virtual machine (VM). These tactics are far from effective, especially when you consider the huge and often unpredictable human element of manually auditing data. Humans make mistakes. I know I have when I was an administrator.  VMUGs provide the perfect opportunity to showcase the ease and increased security that a data-aware storage solution can provide to an organization looking to audit user behavior, surface insights and secure its data.

VMUGs are community affairs

At every regional VMUG we attend, we’re motivated by the sense of community. The attendees at VMUG conferences generally consist of IT directors and system administrators. The fact that this particular meet-up is occurring nearby gives us the chance to forge stronger ties with our local community.

VMUGs provide opportunities to get into the more in-depth aspects of technology

Sometimes, the best way to understand a product is to see it in action and speak with the experts. This is what makes VMUG conferences and meet-ups so amazing: Demonstrations, coupled with the high-level of technical knowledge possessed by attendees, spark probing questions that can lead to “lightbulb” moments.  When an attendee really understands what data-aware technology can mean in practice and can see in use they are just as blown away by the possibilities as we are.

If you plan on attending the VMUG in Boston on June 18, I hope you stop by to learn more about how data-aware storage can provide insight into your data.

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David Stevens

David Stevens is a Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity. For two decades, David worked as a systems admin, doing everything from taking support calls to building out IT infrastructure to architecting new storage environments. Prior to joining DataGravity, he created technical content and evangelized storage solutions for Dell.