The Top 10 Data Protection Features of Data-Aware Storage

I have always been an avid fan of the 451 Group’s annual surveys, which highlight the perspective of IT users.  One topic – data protection – consistently ranks in the top three challenges these IT professionals face (as highlighted again in this year’s survey). So, it is with good reason that one of the defining technology pillars of data-aware storage is data protection and recovery.

Below are the top 10 data protection features in the DataGravity Discovery Series:

1) DiscoveryPoints: DiscoveryPoints provide point-in-time data protection and recovery, integrated directly into the data-aware Discovery Series platform.

2) Fault-isolated, disk-to-disk protection: Unlike snapshots, DiscoveryPoints are stored independent of the storage objects that they are protecting, like those backup copies you would otherwise store on your local backup target device.

3) No backup window required: Compared to classic backup processes, DataGravity protects your data without incurring a backup window. We protect the data as it changes by harvesting the HA write stream being sent to the redundant controller and independently storing these changes.

4) Find, preview and restore: The contents of DiscoveryPoints are catalogued and searchable so that you can easily find the right file from among multiple time-stamped versions. Files can be previewed before restoration to assure you restore the correct file.

5) Data is recovered instantly: Protecting data means nothing if you can’t simply and quickly recover it back in to your operations. DataGravity provides instant recovery of data, with the click of a button, right to the data location where you require it – no data copying or migration slowing down recovery, no data rehydration process, no loading of tapes.

6) Instantly recover and boot a VM or iSCSI LUN: Not only are files recovered instantly, but so are virtual machines and iSCSI LUNs, which are immediately bootable.

7) Recover files from a VM DiscoveryPoint and directly into a running VM: One of the most frustrating data recovery challenges IT administrators face is recovering files embedded in virtual machines. This often requires identifying candidate VM backups that might contain the version of the file that is being sought, recovering the VM into the production environment, booting the VM, and opening the targeted file to confirm it is the correct version.  Once the file is found from across these multiple VM backups, it then needs to be copied back into the production VM. That process often takes hours, if not days. This is lost productivity. In contrast, with DataGravity, search for the file name within the VM, preview across the file versions for the given file, and then instantly recover the file into the running virtual machine.

8) Per VM data protection schedules: Like SMB file shares, iSCSI volumes, and NFS mount points, virtual machines each have their own DiscoveryPoint schedules, either inherited from the data stores in which they reside, or uniquely configured on a per VM basis.

9) Data change rate scheduling: DiscoveryPoint creation can be scheduled based not only on a time interval, but also according to the change rate of the primary data. By adding the ability to take DiscoveryPoints based on change rates, administrators achieve much finer control of the protection scheme applicable to their business requirements.

10) End-user data recovery: File recovery is so simple that end users can do it themselves without intervention by the IT staff.

The DataGravity DiscoveryPoint feature set combines the simplicity of snapshots with the robustness and granularity of backups.  The impact extends far beyond data protection, as DiscoveryPoints also enable a new generation of data analytics, governance, search and discovery features that are the cornerstone of data-aware storage.

Want more information on the architecture that makes the DataGravity Discovery Series so powerful for data protection and recovery?  Download our architecture white paper to learn more.

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Tim Sherbak

Tim Sherbak leads product marketing at DataGravity, aligned to his passion for helping customers adopt new technologies and solutions to deliver breakthrough results. Tim has held sales and marketing leadership roles in some of the most pioneering companies in technology.