Using Data-Aware Storage to Enhance VMware Environments

There’s a reason the majority of IT shops run on VMware – its rich suite of tools allows IT pros to manage complex server, cloud and virtual environments with ease. DataGravity developed the DataGravity Discovery Series in careful alignment with VMware technologies with the goal of supporting integration, education and innovation for all of our users. In fact, we recently announced our status as a VMware Elite Technology Alliance Partner and member of the VMware hardware compatibility list (HCL) for network file systems (NFS).

If you’re a VMware user, below are a few DataGravity features designed to help drive your business (and make your IT team members’ lives easier).

  • VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration) support in Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI): VAAI, the application program interface (API) framework from VMware that enables storage tasks, is crucial for performance at the array level and for freeing up resources to help scale a vSphere bare-metal hypervisor (ESXi) host.
  • Virtual machines (VM): The Discovery Series highlights performance VMs, stored VMs and deleted VMs that are not otherwise visible in vCenter. Users are able to restore, permanently delete and protect VMs with any combination of configurations and policies. Additionally, our VM Landing Page highlights each VM’s active users, VM-level performance, activities, deleted files and more.

    The DataGravity Discovery Series' VM Admin Page contains a wealth of information to help you better manage your VM environment.

    The DataGravity Discovery Series’ VM Admin Page contains a wealth of information to help you better manage your VM environment.

  • DiscoveryPoints (DPs): DPs are the DataGravity answer to snapshots. By adding intelligence to traditional snapshot capabilities, DPs help Discovery Series users glean actionable insights from their storage, identify the location of sensitive data to prevent security risks and highlight user patterns to improve productivity. DPs work with VMware technology to increase the speed and functionality of VMware snapshots, and can also be mounted to iSCSI, NFS or Common Internet File System (CIFS) points.
  • Search, backup and data protection: The Discovery Series works seamlessly with VMware environments to enable search across VMs and mount points, comprehensive backups and restores, and enhanced data governance and security.

Want to learn more about how the Discovery Series can enhance your data center? Watch our product overview video.

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Michael White

Michael White

Michael White is the director of DataGravity Labs & Customer[0]. He works to improve the customer experience, validate partner ecosystem integrations and work closely with the office of the CTO on research and development initiatives. Michael has worked in product design, virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery in a variety of roles for nearly three decades, and was named a vExpert in 2014 and 2015.