Using Data to Find Answers to Practical Questions: Part 2

Your staff has practical questions about the data you store, and you can make it easy for them to find their own answers. We covered some in my last post. Now, let’s consider some additional scenarios:

Q: Are customers’ Social Security and credit card numbers stored in places we shouldn’t have?
The DataGravity Discovery Series file analytics view provides a fast and easy way to answer this question, by displaying key Personal Identifiable Information (PII) contained within files.  Social Security Numbers and Credit Card numbers are two of the key meta-tags that DataGravity surfaces within files or virtual machines. It also provides the ability to click through for further details, preview and export as shown below.
Tag Distribution Final I

SSN Drill In

CCN Drill In

Q: How is a particular topic trending across my data over time?

DataGravity allows you to visualize historical trends by activity, user, and keyword for all topics.  In the Discovery Series screenshot below, it looks like Under Armour is trending as a more popular topic then its competition.

Q: What file types are most popular/prevalent?
File analytics provides an easy way to understand data demographics specifically as it relates to the current and historic makeup of file types by category.  It is easy to now understand the data growth trends and the most common file types. You can answer questions such as am I storing more media and what are the biggest space consuming content types I store? You can even find what smaller file types take up your space in your storage.
File Type 2

File Type 1
Q: Who was the last person to update the marketing presentation?

Building on the search and activity-tracking that the DataGravity Discovery Series offers on all data it stores, you can quickly find any document by keyword and the activity related to that document.  Looks like most of the marketing team provided input to the presentation, and that Charles was the last person to make and update.
Find Presentation

Activity of Presentation

Q: What staffers have the most expertise with customers in the financial services market?

Utilizing the search capability of DataGravity, it is easy to both find the content that you are looking for, as well as those people who have the most expertise on that content.  The Experience View provides a nice listing of all those who have expertise on a given topic – in this case the financial services market.  You can also see which of these people have worked together through the same search experience using the Collaborators view.

SME Collaboration II
SME Collaboration

Finding PII, understanding who in your organization could be a potential collaborator, discovering what file types are most prevalent in your storage and uncovering trends are just a few examples of how the DataGravity Discovery Series can improve your team’s productivity and increase the efficiency of IT.

For more information, download our Search and Discovery Solution Brief to find out more about the powerful search capabilities included in the DataGravity Discovery Series.

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