Virtualization Field Day 5 – DataGravity – Recap

Virtualization-Field-Day-5On Thursday, June 25, the DataGravity team had the honor of hosting 11 delegates for Virtualization Field Day 5 at the DataGravity corporate offices in Nashua, NH. If you missed the live stream, you can catch the video replay here.

During our two-hour session we had the distinct pleasure of showing the delegates and those watching around the world the full wonder that is the DataGravity Discovery Series in action. It was a great follow-up to our last Tech Field Day Extra session at VMworld 2014 where we launched the Discovery Series for the first time. Unlike the TFD Extra at VMworld we had a full two hours with the delegates and a live streaming audience. The extra time and live audience allowed us to push the envelope and have a little fun along the way.

In addition to a demonstration of our award-winning storage appliance that incorporates primary storage with file analytics, compliance and governance auditing, innovative data protection, with the power of simplistic search, we had a chance to dive deep under the covers to share technically how we accomplish so much in a primary storage appliance. I was joined by two of my colleagues and engineering directors Greg McHale and Eric McCall, which was a real treat.

Over the course of the demo, we also allowed the audience in the room and watching on the live stream to engage through two mediums, email and twitter. Our demo system was setup to catalog all tweets mentioning the official #VFD5 hashtag along with any emails with attachments sent in during the live demo. One downside to having just two hours was we ran out of time to deliver some of the more interesting results of this inbound content. We thought those that played along might be curious to see the insights from the data they all shared.

As the DataGravity Discovery Series is a data-aware platform, we were able to determine the demographics of people, content and time simply, and natively in the storage array. Now on to the results, in response to the challenge to e-mail in content, we received a total of 227 items from 41 unique senders. Alastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ), one of the event delegates, shared the most inbound content. The full breakdown of content was as follows:

  • 162 Documents (Word, PDFs, HTML, Text Files) including the full text of Hamlet
  • 27 Images (JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs)
  • 5 Spreadsheets
  • 11 Video files (MP4s)
  • 4 Encrypted files
  • 1 Other binary file type (.DAT)
  • 10 of the documents contained credit card numbers
  • 1 contained social security numbers

Processing the tweet stream captured over 10 days through the close of the DataGravity presentation resulted in 2721 tweets being captured. The breakdown there resulted in:

  • All contained the #VFD5 hashtag
  • 1145 were re-tweets
  • 1392 contained URLs
  • 118 mentioned @ChrisWahl (Watch our demo video for more details)
  • 3 contained social security numbers
  • 2 contained credit card numbers

Overall we thank everyone who participated remotely and shared content with us. It was our distinct pleasure to be involved with Virtualization Field Day and we can’t wait to share more exciting news in the near future at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2015.

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David Siles

David is Chief Technology Officer for DataGravity. Prior to becoming CTO, David served as vice president of worldwide field operations at DataGravity. Previously, he was a member of the senior leadership team at Veeam Software. He also served as CTO and VP of professional services for systems integrator Hipskind TSG. A graduate of DeVry University, he is a frequent speaker at top tier technology shows and a recognized expert in virtualization.