Discovery Series earns Virtualization Review Editor’s Choice Award

Changing the status quo and creating a new category can be daunting. Naturally, our team thinks we’ve got a phenomenal product, but we realize that most prospective buyers take our opinion with a grain of salt. The true testament of success comes from our customers’ stories and from industry experts, who regularly see new products from companies claiming to be unique or even “revolutionary.”

That’s why it’s so encouraging when one of these experts recognizes the potential of the DataGravity Discovery Series—the visibility it gives into unstructured data allowing organizations to make more informed decisions about storage, security, and data governance. James Green recently selected us for a Virtualization Review Editor’s Choice Award, writing, “Frankly, I’m still trying to absorb how awesome this product is and think of all the use cases. I haven’t found the product to be lacking anything yet.” He also affirmed that our offering creates a new category—there’s nobody else doing quite the same thing.

While Green may be awed by the current feature set, we’re not planning to rest on our laurels any time soon. Earlier this week we released the Discovery Series V2.2, which adds some important security features and improves support for Microsoft environments. We plan to continue to evolve to help our customers become data-aware—helping them better manage, protect, and leverage insight from unstructured data.

In a culture that’s constantly looking forward to what’s next, this award provides a reminder to pause for a beat and appreciate this recognition and validation for what we have accomplished so far.

Want to learn more about the benefits of data-aware storage? Check out some use cases.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm was the vice president of marketing at DataGravity for 2 years. Jeff brought more than 20 years of experience with a rare combination of marketing skills, organizational leadership and technical background to DataGravity, having shaped the BI and search markets working for industry pioneers and disrupters.