VMware Partner Exchange Still the Place to Be to Take Advantage of Innovation in VMs

Speaking with partners at VMware PEX 2015

Speaking with partners at VMware PEX 2015

VMware’s annual partner event, Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015 took place in San Francisco last week. VMware bills PEX as the ultimate meeting place “for anyone in the VMware partner ecosystem looking to use our solutions and services to unlock the innovation in their teams.” DataGravity was well represented, and most of our team was happy to be far away from the snow and cold of the Midwest, Northeast and Canada (from where I hail) for a little while.

The DataGravity exhibit at PEX marked a milestone of sorts. Last February, we also exhibited with the goal of reaching out to prospective early access partners to develop a knowledgeable network of partners throughout the US and Canada who appreciated our vision for building data-aware storage. This year, our product is generally available and we have a vibrant network of channel partners proudly representing the DataGravity difference to their prospects and customers. In addition, our product is gaining accolades from industry experts and receiving kudos from customers.  It has been quite a year.

Of course, PEX’s main focus is on educating partners about how VMware’s virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions can help end-users more efficiently manage their virtual environments. As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, DataGravity was already delivering operational visibility and insights, helped with data protection and recovery, enhanced data governance, and helped increase productivity.

At last week’s event, we unveiled our newest integration with VMware, including operational, security and business insights from DataGravity into VMware’s vRealize™ cloud management platform technology. This insight includes advanced file analytics and data-aware alerting, bringing a new level of data intelligence to VMware environments. This news was also well received by the industry press as Channel Pro Network stated, the integration of DataGravity with vRealize helps “accelerate visibility, troubleshooting, and resolution of data privacy, security, and compliance issues.”

PEX also marked the first time I’ve been out of the office since changing roles here at DataGravity. I have left the day-to-day product management role and am taking on a new challenge as Director, DataGravity Labs & Customer[0]. In this role I’ll be charged with helping to push innovation and act as a customer advocate by wearing that “hat.”  Needless to say, meeting so many partners and potential customers at the event was valuable, especially in light of my new dual role.

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the other highlights that my colleagues and I observed at PEX:

  • DataGravity was recognized by many of those in attendance. While not everyone knew exactly what we do, they had heard of our name, and many also remembered that we unveiled our company and product at VMworld last August, and were honored to win Best of Show.
  • Our in-booth giveaways of battery banks and flashlights have a cult following. People from last year stopped by and showed us the one they picked up before. Stories were aplenty about how the DataGravity battery charger saved people from a dead phone.
  • I was privileged to attend one of the great technical boot camps – vRealize Operations. The most popular camps seemed to focus on NSX, Mirage, and vRealize Operations.
  • During an ISV ecosystem session on vROPs, DataGravity was singled out by name by VMware’s Management BU product management team as a company pushing the envelope and we also received praise for how fast we produced our Management Pack for vRealize – another  feature that will help customers uncover valuable operational and data insights in a single view.
  • Our demo of the DataGravity and vRealize integration was well received at our booth and generated great interest.
  • During the event a lot of talk was about vSphere 6 and we can see a collection of links to interesting stories on this very important announcement here.

Want more information on how DataGravity is integrating with vRealize and how we work to provide data insight into your VM environments?  Check out our VMware Solutions page to learn more and watch a video demo.

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Michael White

Michael White

Michael White is the director of DataGravity Labs & Customer[0]. He works to improve the customer experience, validate partner ecosystem integrations and work closely with the office of the CTO on research and development initiatives. Michael has worked in product design, virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery in a variety of roles for nearly three decades, and was named a vExpert in 2014 and 2015.