Webinar: Reducing Security, Compliance Risks With Data-Secure Storage

In a data-driven landscape, many organizations have adopted philosophies based on storing as much information as possible; few have figured out what to do with all that stored data, or how to manage the security and compliance risks within it. Solving this problem was the topic of a recent DataGravity webinar, “What’s In Your Data? How New Storage Architectures Reduce Security and Compliance Risks.” In it, Director of Product Management Perry Dickau and Technical Marketing Manager Will Urban discuss the changing data environment and why the storage status quo is no longer adequate.

In the recorded webinar, chief security officers (CSOs), chief information security officers (CISOs) and others charged with protecting data assets will learn:

  • The connection between unabated storage growth and growing data security breaches;
  • How a lack of risk awareness contributes to the parade of high-profile breaches; and
  • Why security at the point of storage is critical to risk reduction.

Beyond the storage status quo
Traditional storage appliances are endpoints. They are basically bookcases for storing information, without any means of learning what’s inside those bookcases and how the contents could be useful or harmful. Accepting this as adequate in today’s data landscape would be similar to accepting that your mobile phone should do nothing more than connect voice calls. Storage devices must be smart, too.

As storage gets more intelligent, its ability to be data-aware and data-secure supports not only business-critical insights, but also enhanced data governance. Intelligent storage is a throughput device – one that can yield incredible value from the data inside.

Perry and Will end this webinar with a security to-do list every CSO and CISO needs to consider. They also share a product demonstration that raises some of the compliance and privacy questions end users should be asking of stored data, such as:

  • Are we in compliance with regulatory obligations?
  • Where is our confidential information?
  • Who has accessed the M&A files?
  • Who read or updated that personnel file last week?

To learn more about new storage architectures for reducing security and compliance risks, view the DataGravity webinar here.

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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm was the vice president of marketing at DataGravity for 2 years. Jeff brought more than 20 years of experience with a rare combination of marketing skills, organizational leadership and technical background to DataGravity, having shaped the BI and search markets working for industry pioneers and disrupters.