News Roundup: Knowledge Workers Search for Data in Context, and Other News of the Week

Last week brought its usual spate of articles about big data and the importance of using data to drive business results. Importantly, the focus is turning to the value this can bring for organizations, and the importance of context or metadata about this big data. Clearly organizations are realizing that this is not a “field of dreams” where they just employ big data infrastructure and hope for the best. Instead, these articles highlight outcome-driven projects that leverage data and its context to drive serious business value.

Fortune, “For the airline industry, big data is cleared for take-off
In this look at how big data is transforming one industry, companies in other markets can get a glimpse of what’s possible with deeper insight into unstructured data. The reporter quotes an industry analyst, who notes that, “Airlines are awash in data, much of it unstructured,” but that airlines have only recently made inroads into turning that data into insight. The industry challenges detailed here will resonate across markets, as will the potential benefits of solving those issues.

InformationAge, “The true cost of metadata
We often talk about the hidden business value of metadata. Understanding where a piece of unstructured data came from, who interacted with it and what it contains can give businesses the information they need to stretch budgets, increase productivity and create revenue. Not understanding that metadata, on the other hand, can have dire security consequences. That’s the topic of this article, which notes that Gartner predicts 80 percent of highly regulated companies will undertake metadata awareness campaigns by the end of the year in order to ward off breaches.

Gigaom Research, “Context is king: accelerating productivity through context
The future will demand more from knowledge workers. How do you get greater productivity from employees who spend the bulk of their efforts on cognitive activities? Contextual capabilities will become even more important than they are today. That’s the executive summary of a recent report written by Stowe Boyd, lead analyst focused on the future of work. The report aims to help knowledge workers get more done by “exploiting context.” Boyd surmises that contextual tools will help these professionals automatically extract relevant insight – a line-of-business use for data under storage that we also see as increasingly critical for organizations.

Context, clearly, has become business speak for “usable content.” Click to Tweet this quote.


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Jeff Boehm

Jeff Boehm

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